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Brit DJ Charged With Murder in America

Reported by JontySkrufff on July 24, 2010



Chicago house DJ Jason Andrews (aka DJ Veritas) was this week languishing in Pasco County jail Florida after he was formally charged with murdering 41-year-old tattoo shop owner Dennis "Scooter" Abrahamsen.

Andrews, 27, who is also a bisexual porn star known as Addison on hardcore gay sex site Sean Cody, is accused of beating Abrahamsen with a sledgehammer and stabbing him to death, with the help of his girlfriend, Amanda Logue, a porn star/ escort hired by the tattooist.

Cops accused the pair of conspiring to kill and rob him during a sex session with Logue after they were caught trying to use Abrahamsen’s credit card several days after he was killed on May 15. With insufficient evidence, both were released, before US Marshall arrested each separately last week, Andrews in an upmarket pool hall in Chattanooga where he’d recently been hired as manager.

"I would say he was very surprised,” US Marshalls spokesman Paul Salayko told Fox News, “He was very clean cut, broad shoulders, dressed in a suit, not in a suit and tie, but more 'Miami Vice,' more of a GQ appearance,” he added.

Though cops published a string of texts and Twitter messages suggesting the couple had colluded, Logue has since accused Andrews of carrying out the killing entirely by himself in front of her, threatening to also kill her if she snitched.

Friends of Andrews from Chicago told Fox News they were shocked by his arrest with one, Chicago club photographer Michael Sarkowicz telling Fox ‘He was a really straight up dude.’

A person purporting to represent him as a DJ agent was less sympathetic, however, posting a pointed, though somewhat garbled message on Andrew’s DJ profile on Music portal days before he was arrested.

“It has came to our attention DJ Veritas (Jason Andrews) is wanted on Capital Murder Charges,” the (apparently authentic) statement said.

“Please note if you are with Law Enforcement and or with the Press or Media I have not talked to Jason for about 6 months. I personally Last seen him (sic) about 6 months ago in Chicago.  I have worked with DJ Veritas in the past at events here in the city I am very shocked and this sort of hits close to home when you know a person up on murder charges.”

Press reports said the DJ denies all charges.  (A consummate live performer, DJ Veritas truly gives a complete show every single time he grinds the decks. Having never released a studio album, his sound has been cultivated through the intimate connection that he creates with his audience during each and every show . . . Those familiar with DJ Veritas’ music and the uneducated listener can both be seen dancing to his high-energy, beat driven, exciting performances no matter what the venue. You can expect to be sweaty, exhausted, and thoroughly entertained at the end of every show

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