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Jesse Rose Ridicules Rumour–Monger Online Press

Reported by JontySkrufff on July 27, 2010

Made To Play main-man Jesse Rose has reacted angrily after a number of dance music portals misinterpreted his announcement that he was planning no promo for new spin off label Play It Down to mean he was ‘fighting piracy.’

 Australia’s, London’s Data Transmission and several other leading music sites published the fighting piracy angle, which Jesse told Skrufff was totally false.

“I'm really happy you contacted me first, unlike anyone else,” said Jesse.

 “This piracy thing is completely wrong. The rumour was started because I included a little piece of information about 'Play It Down' on my mailshot which said 'we are not doing promo for play it down'. So everyone jumped to the conclusion 'oh this means they're trying to stop piracy and illegal downloads'.

“It has really pissed me off that online media have not checked with the source and are now starting to act like tabloids,” he continued, “copying other websites rather than getting the story themselves.”

“It also got me mad because we do free downloads ourselves,” he continued.

“We feel that in these times you need to give back to the fans and support the people that buy your records. Suggesting that the text we put out was about us trying to find ways to stop people blogging is complete bollocks. I just wanted to start a label that was not about hype and more about tracks. That pleasure of going to a record shop and finding something new. We are doing limited 200 runs of vinyl and downloads. Music is for all.”

Play It Down’s first release is a track by Made To Play regular/ in-house engineer Oliver $, called Shaka Lao. (ONLINE MUSIC PRESS NEED TO GET THEIR FACTS RIGHT & STOP ACTING LIKE TABLOIDS . . .’)

Jonty Skrufff