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Iphone Owners Score More Sex

Reported by JontySkrufff on August 14, 2010

A new study by dating portal has revealed that both men and women who own iphones have had more sexual partners than those owning Blackberrys while those with Android phones have just over half as many lovers as their more seductive Iphone counterparts.

OKCupid discovered that men members turning 30 have made love to an average of 10 people while women have had 12.3 partners compared to a tally of just 6.1 lovers for male Android owners of the same age.

"Finally, statistical proof that iPhone users aren't just getting fucked by Apple," OkCupid spokesman Christian Rudder commented.

The figures (at least for men) paled in comparison to the (self reported) findings of London magazine Time Out in their latest sex survey which revealed that the average man claimed 26 conquests on their bed post last year. However, Time Out pointed out that the relatively high average figure for men concealed significant anomalies.

“The figures were skewed by the 13% who claimed between 50 and 300,” Time Out reported, “More than half the men surveyed have had between 1 and 14 partners.

The high scoring London statistics struck a chord with data from a recent study of elite students attending Cambridge University which revealed that almost half the students admitted to having sex with two or more partners within seven days, with one in five having three or more during the same period. 

Over one in four also boasted of having a one night stand ‘at least once a term’, the Telegraph reported, adding up to at least 9 sexual partners for many typical 21 year olds graduating after a three year course.

"Cambridge is not the work-obsessed, sex starved misery pit it is sometimes portrayed to be," study chief (and student) Ali Lewis, from student newspaper Tab commented when the findings were revealed.

Time Out Sex Survey: 2009; the results: ‘27% of respondents said their favourite sexual fantasy involved more than one partner. Multiple partners Ideal configurations ranged from ‘threesomes’ and ‘foursomes’ to ‘a huge orgy’ and a ‘threesome with her sister or mum (sorry)’.’)

Jonty Skrufff