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Love Parade Mayor Admits Lying

Reported by JontySkrufff on August 25, 2010

Duisburg Mayor Adolf Sauerland revealed he has moved his family away from the German city this week after receiving death threats from people holding him responsible for the disaster at last month’s Love Parade.

21 people died and over 500 were injured when over 1 million people crammed into a space licensed to handle no more than 250,000 people though Mayor Sauerland told Der Spiegel he’d been exaggerating when he predicted millions would attend in the run-up to the Parade.

"There were the (Love Parade organizers) Lopavent millions, and then the real numbers for our planning," the Mayor told news magazine Der Spiegel.

“Those were exaggerated figures, merely for marketing purposes and not for anything else – other major events organisers do the same,” he claimed.

German media group Deutsche Welle, meanwhile, said ‘an interim police report has put the blame on organizers, listing a catalogue of (planning) mistakes they made’ though said the Mayor could still be forced to resign in September when he faces a confidence vote amongst fellow local councillors.

In more Love Parade news, veteran British trance DJ Paul Oakenfold revealed on Twitter that he’s making a tribute track with several fellow superstar trance DJs, tagging the collaboration his ‘trance family’.

“Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk and myself have come together under the name DJ United to do a track called ‘Remember Love',” Oakenfold Twittered.

“The track ‘Remember Love' is dedicated to the people who suffered in the events at Love Parade. More details soon.”

Jonty Skrufff