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10 Million Brits Lick their Plates

Reported by JontySkrufff on August 25, 2010

A new study of British people’s eating habits has revealed that as well as indulging in ‘delayed-gratification techniques’ such as eating one crisp at a time and sucking on sweets rather than crunching them, one in six routinely lick their plates.

"The way we eat and how we treat food can often give away more about us than a ten minute conversation,” study chief and body language Judi James told Sky News, "Whatever your eating habits are, this study shows that Brits have a meaningful relationship with their food,” she suggested.

The findings were unveiled some four years after the Guardian tackled the same topic in a feature article called ‘What’s wrong with licking your plate?’ in which British style guru Peter York was surprisingly forthcoming.

“I use my fingers because, I'm afraid, I'm greedy,” the author of seminal 80s style guide the Sloane Rangers Handbook confessed. 

“And I'll tell you a ghastly secret: when dining alone, I sometimes lick my plate - delicious gravy and juices! But I would never do it in front of someone,” he added.

Fellow British social commentator Victoria Mather didn’t mention whether she also liked to lick, instead turning her scorn on overseas diners’ restaurant faux pax.

“This American habit of stabbing food, cutting around it, then shovelling it into your mouth,” said Mather,  “is just too ghastly for words,” she spat.

(Customised dishwashing gloves fancy!

Jonty Skrufff