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Ibiza Nightlife Legend Allister Logue Dies in London

Reported by JontySkrufff on August 31, 2010

Balearic club promoter and erstwhile Manumission icon Allister Logue has died after falling beneath a tube train at Charing Cross.

The silver-haired 56 year old make-up artist’s death, which press reports suggested was suicide, prompted a rash of heartfelt tributes from amongst Ibiza’s alternative Bohemian elite, reflecting his status as one of the leading characters on the island’s club scene of the last 25 years.

Describing him as ‘a mischievous soul always ready for adventure laced with a straight vodka’ Claire Manumission spoke fondly the lead role he played in Manumission parties, leading the legendarily flamboyant processions around the island for over 10 years.

“Allister possessed a beauty or strangeness far beyond anything we could sit down and imagine for ourselves. Unique, irreplaceable, individual, a fabulous creature from a mythical time, a time that no longer exists but that we were fortunate enough to live through together. He is a part of us, part of a time gone by, a lost time, a lost world,” said Claire.

Love you Ali... Forever in my heart and in my high heels . . . As you so often told me, I would have been nothing without you,” she added.

Manumission dancer Gabby Sanderson (nowadays better known as Ibiza Rocks resident DJ Tart With A Heart) described him as ‘flamboyant, creative, eccentric, an Ibiza character, nay legend’ and predicted his ‘legacy will remain’.

You were a pain in the arse, but you were our fabulous pain in the arse,” she told Skrufff. 

“Dizzy, a diva, an outrageous personality with a kind heart and a sensitive soul you masked in silks, sequins and outspokenness. Ibiza won’t be the same without you. I wouldn’t have been the same without you . . . My friend, our friend, forever. Allister Logue.” She said.

Legendary former Manumission DJ Andy Carroll concurred.

“Allister was a larger than life eternally slight Ibiza character you could either love or be indifferent about,” said Andy.

“Most people I know from 'La Famalia Manumission' loved Allister. In his Manumission years I would see him first in the girls’ dressing room doing his 'super-star' hair and make-up styling and then when the lipstick, powder and paint was completed he would spin onto the bar in the Coco-Loco, twirling and carrying on into the sunrise, at Carry-on @ Space, Bora-Bora and beyond.”

“Always ready with a dry comment and a sharp wit, we will forever remember Allister and his Ibiza town side-kick companion (his pooch) Chupito with fond memories,” said Andy. 

Alternative islanders Lenny Ibizarre and Skrufff contributor Barefoot Doctor also paid tribute using similar language to all three of the Manumission team.

“This is such a tragedy,” Lenny Ibizarre told Skrufff. “Allister Logue was an icon of the Ibizan night. He had flair and was loved by all. He will be dearly missed.”

“He was a brave, outrageous, courageous soul, who always spread a good vibe, at least whenever I met him’,” said Barefoot Doctor.

“He was a shoosher-upper (booster) of the atmosphere and we all need one of them from time to time,” Barefoot continued. “And though I’m sure when your number's up, it's up, whether you kill yourself or let life do it for you, it does feel tragic and he's certainly missed by the many who loved him here in Ibiza.”

In an illuminating interview with two years earlier Allister spoke thoughtfully about the ups and downs of his life, which saw him relaxing slightly in later years as he became a promoter in his own right hosting events including Coco Loco At Privilege and Empire

“There’s a very fine line there between doing it stylishly and making a fool of yourself. I decided at one point that I’d hang up the young image and go for a slightly more controlled one. Still the same slightly eccentric Allister, but a more in control one,” he said.

“I don’t do boring office jobs,” he added. 

My family used to say I led a wacky life and what seemed normal to me then looking back now… yes, I knew some very famous people, I knew some very dangerous people; some very rich, some very poor. I never judged people. I was always surrounded by interesting people,” he said.

(Click HERE for Ibiza-blog’s article in full: “Do I have regrets? No, no regrets really. The bad things that happen to you in life you’ve got to learn from. Life’s full of ups and downs and you can't have the highs without the lows. How can you feel exhilarated unless you’ve been miserable?)

Jonty Skrufff