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Sex Parties Get Political

Reported by JontySkrufff on September 3, 2010

Australian newspaper The Herald Sun reported that the country’s newest political organisation the Sex Party had a ‘strong election result’ this week, after they fielded candidates for the first time for the Senate,

The influential newspaper also labelled the Sex Party ‘a potentially potent force in Victoria’ after they out performed almost all Australia’s fringe parties, coming close to even toppling ultra-conservative moralists ‘Family First’.

The Sex Party ()was approved by the electoral commission just 12 months ago and attracted immediate support by attacking ‘morals campaigners and prudish politicians’ making ‘behind the scenes handshakes with religious leaders’.

Writing on their website they also condemned the ‘appalling sloganeering’ of mainstream politicians (including Obama’s ‘Yes We Will’) labelling it a ‘blatant attempt to brainwash people’.

“It’s patronising and dangerous,” they added, “It borders on dictatorship-style politics and is devoid of any vision.”

The party also proposes decriminalising drugs, ‘total equal rights in all areas of the law including same sex marriage’ and reversing the policy which allows ‘the mandatory retention of all Australian users’ internet browsing history and emails by ISPs for at-will inspection by law enforcement agencies’.

Their promising start is likely to encourage stripper and ‘erotic actress’ turned Brazilian parliamentary candidate Adriely Fatal, who this week stepped up her campaign to be elected as an MP in Brazil’s upcoming general election with a high profile interview with the Guardian.

Chatting to the British newspaper, the 23 year old Christian Workers Party candidate said she’s hoping to introduce strip clubs and more hospitals in every town and said she’d been inspired by legendary hardcore porn star turned Italian MP Cicciolina.

“I'm using sensuality to attract votes – I'm trying to attract young people and men," Ms Fatal explained. “I'm going to concentrate on healthcare and on showing people that just because I use tight clothes it doesn't mean that I can't do a proper job," she added.

Adriely on the campaign trail (Youtube) SAFE for work_

Jonty Skrufff