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Mexican Massacres Prompt More Legalise Drugs Calls

Reported by JontySkrufff on September 3, 2010

Authorities in Mexico discovered the bodies of 72 people murdered and buried at a farm in Tamaulipas, close to Texas this week, in the latest horrifying escalation of the drugs war sweeping the country.

The tally came on top of 229 other murder victims’ bodies discovered this week, four of whom were left hanging from a bridge in Cuernavaca, after being decapitated and castrated. Two more men’s bodies were also found hanging from a road bridge near Chilpancingo, both of which had had both arms chopped off.

Leading UK commentator Johan Hari blamed the killings entirely on prohibition and suggested drug legalisation could cripple the ultra-violent drug cartels.

“It would bankrupt them swiftly, and entirely,” he predicted.

“Nobody kills to sell you a glass of Jack Daniels. Nobody beheads police officers or shoots teenagers to sell you a glass of Budweiser,” he pointed out. 

“And, after legalisation, nobody would do it to sell you a spliff or a gram of cocaine either. They would be in the hands of unarmed, regulated, legal businesses, paying taxes to the state, at a time when we all need large new sources of tax revenue,” he said (Independent)

The newspaper he was writing for the Independent (who in the past campaigned for cannabis decriminalisation in the UK before changing their minds) agreed.

“If Americans lost their taste for drugs, the Mexican cartels would be out of business. That, however, will not happen; indeed the forbidden nature of drugs may make them more attractive,’ the Independent noted, “So why not legalise them?”

Tijuana human rights expert Victor Clark Alfaro, however, predicted little will change in the foreseeable future, despite increasing calls for legalization from influential opinion formers around the world.

"It's mainly supported by intellectuals and academia, but it doesn't have the sympathy of the population as a whole,” he pointed out. “Nor does it (decriminalization) have the support of the US government," he said. 

Spectator/ Daily Telegraph columnist/ self confessed spliff smoker, (inadvertent) ketamine user (he thought it was MDMA) libertarian James Delingpole: “Since the dawn of time man has always been possessed of an urge to get out of his box — be it via mushrooms, datura, aluminium wheel cleaning fluid, claret, or psychedelic reindeer pee. It’s what we do. Nothing could be more natural. Why waste time, money and lives fighting nature . . ?”)

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