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Metrosexuals Marginally More Sexy than Werewolves

Reported by JontySkrufff on September 3, 2010

A new study of British women’s sexual preferences has revealed that 85% prefer ‘real men’ with body hair, prompting mega-media organisation the Press Association to declare that the ‘modern “metrosexual” man has had his day.’

The Daily Mail went even further.

“Only 8 per cent of women said they liked their men groomed to perfection,” the notoriously body image obsessed tabloid reported, “Narrowly beating the 7 per cent who preferred to see a werewolf-like quantity of hair.”

Details of the latest study (by pillow company Sound Asleep) emerged just as the New York Times published an article headlined ‘if your boyfriend is metrosexual’ in which the US newspaper highlighted the latest must-have accessory for fashion conscious men: a US$295 handbag.

“There are boyfriend jeans; now there’s a boyfriend bag,” the Times trumpeted.

“Rebecca Minkoff’s BF bag is leather, with a sturdy chain designed to be worn messenger style. Fall colors include electric orange, olive and gray.” (Times: )

Also in the States, trendy vicar type Mark Driscoll (described by Newsweek as being ‘among America's most prominent young Christian voices’) took aim at both metrosexuals and retrosexuals this week, complaining that both demographics are part of a ‘Peter Pan Syndrome epidemic where men want to remain boys forever.’

“A buddy of mine calls them evangellyfish because they have no backbone,” he sneered, “Girlfriends, gal friends with benefits, and miscellaneous other mannies (nannies for men) need to know this: you want a guy you can marry and have babies with. You don't want to marry a guy who's a baby,” he recommended. (Newsweek )

 (Christians have already taken the MARK OF THE BEAST! Satan is the master of deception. You have put the MARK OF THE BEAST everywhere.  GOOD Christians will write this off as a COINCIDENCE! . . .’)

Jonty Skrufff