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Date A British Soccer Star For £19.99 Service Launched

Reported by JontySkrufff on September 23, 2010

British young entrepreneur Daniel Hall, 22, has launched a dating portal which aims to match ‘women who want to live the high life as Wags and football players who can make this dream a reality’.

The site charges girls £19.99 to upload photo and personal details, the hottest of which, they’ll then forward on to the players to take their pick from.

“We have Premier League regulars, a few younger players who are destined to play for England later in their careers and a few lower league players,” the site boasts.

“Is this a scam?  Definitely not,” the site stresses on its ‘about us’ page. “We can guarantee that while the site is running, those who sign up have a chance to go on a date with a footballer.”

“Millions of females aspire to become WAG’s and why wouldn’t they?” it continues, “A lot of WAGs live in big houses, have tons of money to spend and party hard. Not to mention the fact that dating a footballer can throw a girl in to the limelight. Just think of Abbey Clancy Alex Curran, Coleen Rooney and Danielle Lloyd who all became famous this way.

In more dating news, a new survey of British singles’ habits revealed that 40% of women spend up to £50 getting ready for a first date with the average woman spending 55 minutes fixing herself up. In contrast, 15% of blokes spent less than 10 minutes and one in three zero on a new outfit, while 57% believe they shouldn’t have to pay for a first date.

“14% admitted they have never actually paid when out with a woman,” publicists behind the study (for the DVD release of movie Date Night) said in a release. “One in ten men stated they wouldn’t pay more than £20 to wine and dine a woman on their first date.

Jonty Skrufff