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Time Warp 2011 – The fog is lifting!

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on January 12, 2011

Time Warp Mannheim 2011 

SAT 2/4/2011 

Maimarkthalle, Mannheim 

Just a few days ago the Time Warp in Holland was still on everyone’s lips and now its "Big 

Brother“ as Time Warp Mannheim 2011 is quickly approaching. D-Day for all fans of electronic 

music around the globe is April 2nd, 2011. All limited Early Bird tickets have sold out and now 

the run on regular tickets has begun.    

The  closely guarded Time Warp  secret,  the line-up, has been partly unveiled. Since December 1st one artist after the other has been announced every day on the Time Warp homepage and Facebook fan page.  Minus-Queen Magda, the legendary UK-Duo Slam, Desolat-Boss Loco Dice, the Moonbootica boys from Hamburg, Techno  lady Monika Kruse and  the Godfather of the Time Warp Sven Väth are definitely going to take part. Those who know the Time Warp are aware that this is not everything. However, you will have to be patient until December 24th, as the last artist will be unveiled then. But, there won’t be any boredom within the Time Warp Community until that time because Time Warp fans  can take advantage of the  re-launch  of the  official  Time Warp website  at  

You should be quick if you want to be part of it. The limited Early Bird tickets were sold out only after a few weeks and the event itself  was a sell-out for  the last 3 years. On  our website,, you can order tickets for €53,- plus handling fee. As before, the popular VIP tickets will be available again. If you are interested in VIP tickets, you should be on the lookout starting in January because the VIP tickets always sell-out quickly.  

All indications for the 17th annual Time Warp look pretty bright. The Maimarkthalle in Mannheim, our traditional and trusted location, will be equipped with lots of lighting, laser/video effects, and one of the most updated sound systems worldwide until April 2nd.  Our visitors should gear themselves up for an audio-visual adventure in a class of its own!  Also  the Jetztmusikfestival, in its fifth year, will lead the way to the Time Warp from March 26th to April 2nd starting a week before. 

Here being only a preview of what is to come, this will definitely create an appetite for more. You can look forward to interesting and extraordinary projects, as an example, you can view the live scoring of a silent movie by Move D or a multidimensional ambient show in the Mannheimer Planetarium with Alex Azary and Gabriel LeMar. Whoever is  interested in music production, DJ-ing,  or  the music business will be in good hands at this year’s Time Warp lab.    

Artists Lineup: 

Sven Väth 

Loco Dice 


Monika Kruse 


Slam LIVE 

(more to come) 

Tickets available on 

Label: Paragraph
Genre: Deep / Tech House (Tech House)
Release Date: 2010-12-06
MP3 320kbs$ 1.65
WAV$ 1.95

DJs Supporting: 1

Label: Paragraph
Genre: Deep / Tech House (Tech House, Tribal)
Release Date: 2010-10-18
MP3 320kbs$ 1.65
WAV$ 1.95