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How to Get Noticed: Judge Jules: the Ratio of Unsuitable to Suitable Remains Very High

Reported by JontySkrufff on February 7, 2011

Skrufff: How many promos do you receive on average; each week?

Judge Jules: “I get 500ish per week, and someone else listens to these and narrows them down to the roughly 100 which are best suited to my taste. I then check these 100 out personally, narrowing them down to roughly 20 new tunes per week for my box.  So, whilst there are certainly more than the '1' suggested by the quote per week, the ratio of unsuitable to suitable is still very high.”

Skrufff: What advice would you offer someone hoping to catch your attention?

Judge Jules: “Nothing more newsworthy than 'make a good tune'.  Everything gets listened to.”

Skrufff: Where do you mainly find out information about new tracks and new artists?

Judge Jules: “Mainly by word of mouth with record companies and other DJs, and also via checking other DJs' tracklists.”

Skrufff: How much time do you spend reading music magazines and/ or music websites?

Judge Jules: “A few hours per week.”

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