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Derrick Carter’s Domestic Duty

Reported by JontySkrufff on April 2, 2011

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Chicago house veteran Derrick Carter chatted about his life as a globe-trotting superstar DJ this week (in an interview promoting his upcoming Fabric CD) and revealed that his Monday to Friday at-home routine is far but glamorous.

“I come back, and I got to pick up dog shit, and I got to go to the grocery store because we're running out of food,” the underground house legend admitted, “And there's company coming tomorrow so I have to do some dusting." (Chicago Reader: )

His experiences struck a chord with British DJ Anne Savage, who writing on Twitter this week described similarly contrasting night and day activities.

“I'm back from @TheBigSnow! - What an immense week,” she Tweeted, “Slowly easing myself back into the real world - Curry last night, washing mountain today.”

The attractions of doing domestic chor es for performers were highlighted by controversial British pop star Amy Winehouse last year, when the Sun revealed she’d developed an unexpected obsession with laundry.

"We've had cannabis, cocaine, crack, heroin and her husband Blake Fielder-Civil," a ‘friend’ told the Sun.

"All the others have been rather more destructive, apart from knitting, which she has also had an on/off love affair with. But ironing is definitely her new favourite”, the friend added.

Boy George also revealed an unexpected familiarity with vacuum cleaners several years earlier when he criticized reporters who’d suggested he’d been ashamed when he’d been forced to sweep New York streets as part of community service he was sentenced to after being busted with drugs.

"The media has this image of me as this big faggot sitting on cushions all day eating grapes. But I'm a real person,” said George, “I have a Hoover, I don't have a cleaner.” (New Zealand Herald)  (Classic tech-house anthem: “My washing machine is fucked”)

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