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Danny Howells: Satan ISN'T My Homeboy

Reported by JontySkrufff on April 2, 2011

Dig Deeper records boss Danny Howells moved quickly to dispel suggestions his upcoming gig at Liverpool Cathedral will be sacrilegious, this week after local church organist Ian MacMillan questioned its sanctity.

“I think it’s a good idea if it’s going to get younger people into the cathedral. People are always complaining about the church not being progressive so this sounds like a great step,” Mr MacMillan, 65, told local student newspaper JMU. 

“As long as there is no satanic element, I don’t have a problem.” (JMU: )

The April 2nd ‘late night rave’ (which actually runs from 7pm to midnight) features Danny and Hernan Cattaneo spinning to up to 650 revellers and Danny insisted Mr McMillan has nothing to worry about.

“Oh darling, I am as pure as the driven snow,” he told Skrufff, “I may not worship or practice any religion but I do think I'm quite a decent bloke who cares for his friends, family and pets. 

I haven't sinned recently either,” he claimed, “and when I do it's normally innocent things like not having a TV license or beating up old ladies.”

Local resident Mary Casser-Hewitt, 58, also had reservations about the rave, she told JMU, admitting “I’m quite shocked about it, to be honest.’ 

“I can understand, I suppose, why some people might think that it’s a good idea but it’s a holy place. It deserves better than that.” Danny, however was disarmingly charming, when asked about her complaint and if he’d be inviting her.

“Awww bless, I'd love to! She sounds like somebody who writes to her local paper on a weekly basis about the local hoodlums dropping Twix wrappers in her garden,” he purred.

 I'm sure I heard her name mentioned on Points of View recently, complaining that "Countryfile" was getting a bit "racy".

“Do I believe in God? Why do you always ask me things like this?” he continued, when probed still further.

“I don't have any strong views really - I don't think I believe in God but I do believe in something out there. I think I'll work out what it is when I'm nearer to 40,” he quipped.

“All joking aside, I'm extremely excited about it,” Danny concluded.

“It was the Freeze guys in Liverpool who managed to pull this one off. And absolutely fair play to them too as I don't think I'll have ever played in a venue like this before,” he continued.

“We worked together last year, when they organized a Dig Deeper ‘Rave in a Cave’ and they did that in support of the Macmillan Nurses. And for this event, they're combining it with some music workshops for local kids, so they manage to find the most unique venues, but they also manage to do a lot of good with it too,” he said. (Click here for more details) (Why Is Evil So Sexy, and So Profoundly Glamorous? (Terry Eagleton): "The evil are those who can't stand nothingness, the nothingness that they are, and so try to cram this hole by creating even more nothingness around them, in the form of destruction. Only by trying to negate non-being can they feel alive, but non-being is infinite and indestructible. 

Nothing is more invulnerable than nothingness. And how do you know when you have destroyed it? The evil are those who quite often find this terrible nothingness (one that really lies at the heart of themselves) embodied in some alien, frightful figure outside themselves: the Jew, the Arab, the woman, the homosexual, the foreigner . . .") (DEFINITELY not Danny’s favourite film)

Danny Howells Dig Deeper | Phase One’ is out shortly.

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