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Paris Hilton Prosecutor Busted With Crack

Reported by JontySkrufff on April 9, 2011

Crack Vegas Deputy District Attorney David Schubert was arrested on cocaine possession charges this week, after cops picked him up allegedly buying rocks from a local street dealer.

As well as leading a state drugs task force, the high profile prosecutor was famed for tackling celebrity drug cases such as Paris Hilton’s coke bust last year and his arrest drew a despairing retort from Clark County District Attorney David Roger.

'I just can't wrap my head around the idea that a prosecutor who knows the dangers of drugs would try crack cocaine,” he told the Vegas Review-Journal.

'It's disheartening to know the individual who I assigned to prosecute high-level drug cases is allegedly using rock cocaine,” he added. (Daily Mail )

Meanwhile in England, a Conservative researcher was arrested for smuggling GBL into the country this week, after border officials discovered the ‘liquid ecstasy’ in packages posted to North Yorkshire Council’s County Hall headquarters.

The Yorkshire Post said Martin Thomas, 38, was arrested after someone tipped off cops.

“He is the group research and communications officer and the investigation is to do with a drugs inquiry,” Council leader John Weighell confirmed, “ I really can’t say much more than that and it is a matter for the UK Border Agency,’ he added.

(Yorkshire Post: )

Also in England, former heads of MI5 and the Crown Prosecution Service were amongst influential public figures in Britain who said the ‘The "war on drugs" has failed and should be abandoned’ (Daily Telegraph: )

“I have no doubt that the present policy is a disaster,” said former top Tory Lord Lawson.”Criminalising drug users has been an expensive catastrophe,” Baroness Meacher agreed.

Jonty Skrufff: