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Armin Gets Spacey

Reported by JontySkrufff on April 9, 2011

Armin Van Buuren has announced he’s leaving Ibiza superclub Amnesia and relocating to Space this season, playing every single Wednesday from the end of June until September 14.

Announcing the move on Space’s website, the uber-popular trance-meister star described it as ‘the next step’ in his career.

“It's every DJ's dream to play in a club like this,” he explained, “It fits my sound perfectly.”

The DJ Magazine top 100 poll winner of the last 4 years was in similarly euphoric mood in Miami this week, where he headlined America’s equally popular mega-rave Ultra Music Festival.

"You have to be there if you're a DJ. It's top five in the world for sure,” Armin told the LA Times, hours after his set, “It's legendary. It's kind of a mystical thing,” he mused." (LA Times)

Miami New Times critic Camille Lamb was less ecstatic about the experience, however, describing his arena as ‘like being fucking stuck inside a sweaty teen garbage compactor’. 

“The only ones who had any space to dance were Van Buuren in his spacious DJ pod and the fly girls in metallic bikinis dancing on either side of the stage,” she complained, “But again, it's not too surprising considering his God-like status.”

Speaking about his already fantasy lifestyle some years earlier, the highly qualified law student admitted he enjoyed the crowds’ adulation.

“Women throwing underwear at me, flashing themselves. All these things have happened, and more,” he explained in an interview with Singapore website “Being a DJ is the best job in the world, the best life you can imagine.”

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