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London Club Legend Philipp Sallon Brutally Beaten

Reported by JontySkrufff on April 11, 2011

London nightlife pioneer Philip Sallon was viciously assaulted last weekend in an apparently random, possibly homophobic, attack on one of Central London’s busiest streets Piccadilly.

Writing on Twitter, Boy George, a close friend of the impresario since the early 80s, said he was ‘very upset’ by the late night incident, which happened at 3.30am last Saturday morning.

“Philip Sallon has a fractured skull, broken bones in his face! He was found outside the Gap store in Piccadilly, police say no CCTV which seems impossible but typical!” said George. 

“He should be fine,” the Culture Club star added after visiting the legendary Mud Club promoter, “I hope the police actually do something, it was a brutal attack.”

Philipp Salon’s cousin Joshua provided further details of what happened.

“Philip was walking past the Gap store on Piccadilly when someone started on him,” he told

“Philip told him to leave him alone but the man beat him up and stole his watch. He was left lying on the floor for hours before he was found and taken to hospital,” he added. Later press reports said two men had repeatedly kicked him and stamped on his head as he lay on the pavement.

Speaking to the Standard one day later Boy George described him as ‘his oldest and closest friend’ and pleaded for witnesses to come forward.

“He is a colourful character but certainly not aggressive. He is not someone who would have got into a fight. He is a bit like me and just goes out on his own,” said George.

Writing about their friendship in 1998, George was similarly supportive.

“When the chips are down, he'll jump straight into a cab, and vice versa,” her told the Independent. “Whenever Philip has had any kind of trauma in his life - when his mum died, when he got stabbed in the Eighties, when a couple of years ago he got beaten up - I've always been there,” he said.

The stabbing incident he referred to occurred at the peak of his success with the Mud Club in the 80s when thousands would flock weekly to London’s pre-acid house club du jour.

“One night, he was taking a bag of cash from the club's front desk to the office when a man rushed up, stabbed him in the stomach, slashed his throat, and ran off with over pounds 3,000,” Alix Sharkey recounted in 1994 (also in the Independent), “Philip went to hospital holding his guts in his hand.” (Philip Sallon’s Soho) (‘Philip Sallon is a British national treasure. A flamboyant and fabulous fixture on the London night club scene since the Romans left Britannia. Often described as the love child of Boadicea and Jiminy Cricket – Sallon was immortalized in the hit London musical Taboo . . .’)

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