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Spiral Tribe celebrate the royal wedding with a week long illegal rave!

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on April 14, 2011

With encouragement from the government to celebrate the marriage of Will and Kate in the form of street parties, Spiral Tribe have reportedly decided to take things a step further. Spiral Tribe known for their free parties and sound systems and are responsible for organising some of the biggest freeparties such as Castlemorton Common Festival and are planning to organise the ultimate week long celebration with the "party until everyone collapses" attitude. (London Street-Art Design)

Rumour has it there are plans of patriotic narcotics in the form of "pills stamped with the Union Jack" along with the "classic street party ingredients, like bunting and lukewarm orange squash, but with the addition of facial tattoos, recreational horse tranquillisers and a sound system the size of Beaconsfield". Count us in! (London Street-Art Design)

LSD (London Street-Art Design) -