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London Club Killer Remains At Large

Reported by JontySkrufff on April 16, 2011

(Picture; Kelvin Easton)

More details emerged of the savage killing of 23-year-old Kelvin Easton at East London club Boheme, this week, as cops issued an appeal to clubbers for information.

"Kelvin, who you might also know as 'Smegz', was a father of two and a much loved brother and son. He is greatly missed by his family and friends,” said lead investigator Detective Chief Inspector Charles King,

"The Boheme was very busy; I am trying to trace all the people who attended the club that night. Even if you don't think you have any information that would help, I would like to speak to everyone who was there,” he continued.

"I am confident that there are people who saw what happened that night and I appeal for those people to come forward and contact the police. There are special measures we can take to protect your identity; rest assured if you come forward, I will do everything I can to ensure you remain anonymous,” the Inspector promised.

Writing about the incident earlier in the week, London newspaper the Voice reported that CCTV footage from inside the club had been stolen ‘after a man talked his way into the club's offices’ though several days later said the account was false.

DCI King added an additional statement, pleading for clubbers to speak out.

“We know some people don’t have a lot of faith in the police, but if no one will speak to us, we can’t do our jobs properly,” he told the Voice.

If you saw something and choose to keep it to yourself, you will have to live with the knowledge that his killer is still walking around. Next time, it could be your friend or your boyfriend.” (Voice: )

Friends and family set up a memorial page on this week, paying tribute to the young musician.

“Rapper Kelvin Easton - who performed (Pain & Loyalty and My Life) under the name Smegz - was fatally wounded at the Boheme nightclub in Mile End in the early hours of Sunday (March 27),” it said.

“We were told today, that as you took your last breath, you smiled,” one relative wrote.

“You have no idea how proud I am to call you my cousin. Rest In Peace Kelvin. You will always be loved, missed and forever remembered. You're a star, and you will always shine ♥ Luv Paisley.” 

Jonty Skrufff: