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Moby Mocks Michael Jackson (Again)

Reported by JontySkrufff on April 16, 2011

(Picture; Michael's infamous arrest mug shot)

Moby moved to distance himself from his pop star peers this week, telling OK TV he prefers working with less famous friends.

"I've worked with all sorts of random people - everybody from Metallica to Britney Spears to Ozzy Osbourne to Michael Jackson to the Beastie Boys,” the multi-millionaire dance producer boasted.

“When you work with famous people, there's 50 other people in their entourage, a sense of entitlement and arrogance,” he complained.

“If you work with your friends, they come over, you make music together, you make spaghetti, you watch 'The Simpsons', you go out and have a drink. It's a much more relaxed experience than trying to work with rock stars. Rock stars are a pain in the ass," he sniffed.

His decision to speak ill of Michael Jackson again came over six years after he blasted the then still alive disco legend in an interview with Mixmag.

"He looks like Elizabeth Taylor hit by a truck,” Moby mocked, “Does he know kids have nightmares about him?

The New York Times responded soon after, however, with a prescient review of Moby’s 2005 album Hotel.

“His music isn't just dull, though. Like much of what Moby has produced since "Play," it's condescending, too,” the Times suggested.

“Much of it sounds like the work of a producer who thinks pop music is supposed to be kind of idiotic, and who thinks pop audiences should be glad that he deigns to give us what we want.”

Moby’s latest efforts to dump his celebrity friends came soon after Diplo appeared to adopt a similar tactic via  Twitter.

“Take it from me twits. Famous people r BOOORING,” he suggested last December, “My homeless loser friends get it way more poppin then these waxballs,” said Diplo.

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