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The Next Big Thing Is . . . 130BPM?

Reported by JontySkrufff on May 14, 2011

Keysound Recordings chief Martin Clark published a detailed essay on the crumbling complexities of Britain’s dubstep scene in Pitchfork this week suggesting new genre label ‘130BPM’ could soon supplant ‘wobbly brostep and eyes-down halfstep’ as dubstep’s next successor.

“Right now, a fierce debate is raging amongst critics and fans of the bassier side of things,” he explained.

“Some call it "post-dubstep”, he said, “While others call it "bass music" or refer to it by tempo ("130bpm").

He also stressed that whatever the new niche genre is called it’s ‘far better, on the whole, than dubstep (unless you find LFO modulation, screaming infantile synth-fits, and utterly predictable large dynamic range changes an original idea,” he said. (Pitchfork: )

Portuguese producer Rui Da Silva chatted to Skrufff in January about his own occasional dabbling with dubstep though took a different tack in musical tempos/

“I first came across dubstep in 2006 with Hyperdub or was it 2007? It all becomes a blur after so many years listening to music,” said Rui.

“Yes I do like it but do not follow it that closely, hopefully it wont go the same way as breakbeat and drum & bass did, both seemed to me to end up as one trick ponies,” he suggested.

“But talking about new genres . . . you should check out witch-house or haunted house (who the hell comes up with these genre names?), there is some interesting stuff going on there at 65 BPM,” said Rui.

Jonty Skrufff: