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5 Making Music Tips; Snuff Crew

Reported by JontySkrufff on May 31, 2011

Mysterious masked German duo the Skrufff Crew first started collaborating together in 2008and made an immediate impact releasing old skool Chicago style house tracks on labels including Marco Passarani´s label Nature Records, Hell’s Gigolo Records and their own label Snuff Tracks.

High profile gigs at the likes of Berghain and Tokyo’s best known techno club Womb quickly followed and three years on they remain equally high profile and equally mysterious, continuing to wear masks and to insist on anonymity.

“Please use Eins and Zwei,” they ask for their interview about making music tips, “We always hide our names for this project . . .”

Skrufff: I make music because . . .

Snuff Crew (Eins): “I love to do this. Music is a great way to express feelings and thoughts and listening and dancing to music can make you forget the world around you for some moments. Sitting in the studio and working on tracks is big fun and always a new story to tell, a new adventure...

I cannot imagine a life without making music and buying music.

Snuff Crew (Zwei): “Music just moves me and my whole life. Music never let me down and I promised that I wouldn’t let music down. That’s a simple deal.”

Skrufff: The best way to overcome a creative block is . . .

Snuff Crew (Zwei): “Sleep a lot, don’t listen to music at all, do something completely different and then suddenly there will be the moment, where you just have to make some music - and most of the times, the results are super nice.”

Snuff Crew (Eins): “Chatting/talking/meeting with some nice girls, walking around in the city, going to parties, reading art books, going to art museums, dancing in great clubs.”

Skrufff: I started taking making music seriously when . . .

Snuff Crew (Zwei): “I first touched the keyboard of my parents Casiotone mt-65 and heard some weird sounds coming out. I guess I was 5 or 6 by that time. Maybe by that time I already knew that I wanted to become a musician.”

Snuff Crew (Eins): “When after all the years of producing different music I started Snuff Crew and suddenly more and more labels liked to release this old school stuff and we got booked for gigs.”

Skrufff: The best music-making tip I ever heard was . . .

Snuff Crew (Eins): “When Elec Pt.1 aka Andreas Gehm said to me some years ago: "You have to put more dirt in the tracks!"  

Snuff Crew (Zwei): “Finish every track within a day - or even better: within some hours. The next day surely the feeling is gone and you won’t finish the track as good as it could have been.”

Skrufff: The secret of writing great music is . . .

Snuff Crew (Zwei): “Obviously still a secret. Otherwise I wouldn’t have lots of really really bad tracks on my hard disk.” 

Jonty Skrufff: