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French DJs Disown IMF ‘Frog’

Reported by JontySkrufff on May 31, 2011

The New York Post ramped up its overtly racist demonization of IMF chief turned rape suspect Dominique Strauss-Kahn this week, as the millionaire French banker was bailed from notoriously brutal remand prison Rikers Island.

Publishing a banner headline declaring  ‘Frog Leaps From Rikers’, the newspaper followed up with a report which included the phrase This frog was one horny toad’ though leading French DJs including Mr No from Motor/ Petsoop and Lady B refused to comment.

‘I'm not into talking about politics on the media. So if you don't mind I will pass,” Marseilles based electro/ techno producer Lady B told Skrufff, as did Oly (Mr No).

“Sorry I don't really follow this kind of stuff,” Oly said, “Old rich guys with sex problems . . . not really my thing.”

F Com supremo Laurent Garnier was a little more forthcoming, however, declaring ‘scaryyyy shiiiittt !!!!!!!!!!! aaahhhhhhh Berlusconi Styleeeeee’.

“It’s a shame, he could have been a very good president,” Laurent continued, “Perhaps he would have voted for the reopening of old fashion "Bordelo's" .............Ahhhhhhhh”.

He also downplayed the significance of the Post’s repeated use of the term ‘frog’ declaring ‘I think in this case it’s really nothing to do with him being French.’

“The whole story sounds more pathological,” Laurent concluded, “Apparently he even asked the receptionist at the hotel to come and have a drink in his room. He seems to have been trying to shoot in all directions.”

The New York Post put it differently, declaring  ‘hungry for any piece of meat he could lay his hands on, the frisky Frenchman first tried his seduction skills on a VIP receptionist’.

Next day the ‘silver-haired skirt-chaser’, ‘harried and horny political bigwig’ and ‘sex-crazed married father of four’ also offered a ‘sordid invite’ to a different ‘attractive’ desk receptionist, the Post added. (New York Post: ) (If you are arrested in New York City and cannot make bail, welcome to Rikers Island . . .’ VERY scary documentary showing the reality of Rikers) (Laurent G on the radio)

Jonty Skrufff: