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Pacha New York’s Swinging Session

Reported by JontySkrufff on June 11, 2011

Manhattan swingers club SexxyMofo .com are taking over the VIP floor of Pacha New York this weekend (Sunday June 11) for a party organizer Michael B promises will deliver ‘flirty fun and erotic encounters . . . with over 250 couples and 50+ single females’.

“The sexiest swingers are ready to meet, mingle & party hard,” SexxyMofo promised in a suitably excited press release issued this week, “Whether you're new to the swing lifestyle community or are looking to form a special connection with local swingers, let the White Party help you unleash your wildest swinging fantasies."

The difficulties of unleashing sexual fantasies in Manhattan were emphasized just days earlier, in a Post feature about the growing trend of lonely businessmen buying (or borrowing) luxury ‘trophy apartments’ in increasingly desperate attempts to lure lovers.

“In New York, when you say porn, more people are likely to think you mean real estate,” a multimillionaire financier ‘John’ told the Post.

“Every two-bit banker at Goldman Sachs can buy you an expensive dinner or have a $175,000 Ferrari, but how many can have the $10 million trophy pad?” ‘John’ pointed it. (New York Post: )

Trophy pad owning financiers who still fail to find romance could find solace via canny Chinese corporation the Love Sex Company (LSC) who this week unveiled their new generation of life-size sex robots which they claim can both recognize and even chat to owners.

Revealing the new £3,000 state of the art sex dolls at the Sex Culture Exhibition in Xi'an, LSC boss Li Jian said the remotely controlled companions are aimed at ‘well-paid executives who were too busy to meet real women.’ ( )

Jonty Skrufff: