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Times Man Blasts Berlin

Reported by JontySkrufff on July 26, 2011

The Times’ newspaper’s man-in-Berlin Roger Boyes signed off from his position as Berlin correspondent for the London newspaper this week, with a contemptuous attack on the city’s fabled club scene.

“It (Berlin) has become cool to the outside world because of its big empty spaces – space for clubs and galleries and re-invention,” the Rupert Murdoch employee declared.

“Provincial kids, not just from the villages of Baden-Württemberg, are in the city's thrall because they can take drugs and stay out late without anyone reporting them to their parents. But the clubs and galleries are going bust. They lack high-spending backers, anyone willing to make an investment longer than nine months,” he sneered. ( )

The 58 year old former financial journalist’s casual dismlssal of long running world renowned clubs including Berghain, Watergate and Weekend- as well as underground institutions including Salon Zur Wilden Renate and (re-opening this weekend; July 22: Bar 25) came soon after the New York Times hailed Berlin as becoming a ‘fashion capital’.

Eulogising Berlin’s thriving Bread and Butter fashion conference, the Times singled out the city’s party loving ‘swelling creative class’ who they said viewed the massive event ‘as just another excuse to frolic on somebody else’s dime.’

“Fashion week and B & B are all about getting into the best parties,” local fashion commentator Gesine Kühne told the newspaper, “People in Berlin love to get something for free.” (New York Times: ) (Bread & Butter G Star fashion show, Youtube)

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