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Bankers’ Bible Brands Burning Man a ‘Dead-end Cult’

Reported by JontySkrufff on September 5, 2011

Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper the Wall Street Journal launched a curious attack against Burning Man this week, ridiculing revellers for not being entrepreneurial enough.

WSJ writer Holly Finn dismissed the counter-culture music festival as a ‘dead-end cult’, going on to label it ‘the well-tanned embodiment of a widespread idea: that creativity comes from infantilization.’

“Infantilization, especially in groups (is) at worst, destructive, as we saw in the London riots,” the British expat financial writer complained, “Real creativity has nothing to do with antics in the desert.”

“Groups can be great—for dodgeball, dinner, barn-raising. But innovative ideas come from individuals,” she sneered. (WSJ: )

The financial newspaper’s bizarre tirade was published just as leading British columnist Mary Ann Sieghart launched an even fiercer diatribe against the infantilism exhibited by the WSJ’s core audience of greedy merchant bankers, whose sense of superiority she said helped caused today’s economic crisis.

“The narcissism of today's culture keeps trying to drag us away from reality towards an infantilised – and fake – fantasy of pleasure,” the former Times editor suggested.

“We are encouraged to seek fake riches, financed by debt, not earnings; fake beauty, gained through Botox injections or surgery; fake celebrity, displayed by reality TV "stars" who have done nothing to earn it; fake friends on Facebook; and a fake sense of being special, thanks to over-praising parents and teachers,” she said (Independent: )

Respected US commentator Glenn Greenwald, meanwhile, predicted that London style riots could soon explode in the States, as a result of ‘austerity misery’ afflicting the masses.

“Even if one takes as pessimistic a view as possible of an apathetic, meek, complacent American populace, it's simply inevitable that some similar form of disorder is in the U.S.'s future as well. As but one example, just consider this extraordinary indicia of pervasive American discontent, from a Gallup finding yesterday,” said Mr Greenwald.

“That Gallup finding was that only 11 percent of Americans are content with the way things are going in the country.” (‘A prime aim of the growing Surveillance State:  As economic anxiety and social unrest increase, control over Internet technology and communication becomes vital . . .” Glenn Greenwald) (Burning Man on Youtube)

Jonty Skrufff: