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Moving to Berlin (Solo): Snuff Crew: (interview)

Reported by JontySkrufff on November 15, 2011

Six Berlin residents; Pet Duo, Axel Bartsch, Ralf Gutterslut, Steffa Superheilig, Patrick DSP & Snuff Crew, chatted to Skrufff last week about their experiences moving to the German capital. See below for (German) Snuff Crew’s Eins’ comments in full.



Skrufff (Jonty Skrufff): What are the key things a visitor needs to know to make the most of Berlin?

Snuff Crew: “Berlin is the capital of Germany. But it’s not a typical German city. Berlin can be a big adventure. You can experience wild club nights here but you also can take walks through the parks, visit great art museums, eat amazing food and meet a lot of interesting and crazy people here . . .”

Skrufff: What are some of the more common mistakes foreign tourists make when they first arrive in Berlin?

Snuff Crew: “A lot of people come here and only know the address of their hostel and the name of the club they want to go to. That’s what taxi drivers often tell us anyway. But it’s always good to know something more about the city than just about its nightlife. Berlin offers so many other great things to you if you come to here. Just walk around and discover them. Trying to get in clubs too drunken or too stoned is also maybe not such a good idea.”

Skrufff: How important is it to learn German?

Snuff Crew: “Berlin is a really international city. If you speak English you will find your way around easily. Though if you plan to move to here, it makes sense to learn German, of course.”

Skrufff: What advice do you have for getting into clubs like Berghain?

Snuff Crew: “Don’t go there in a big group of people, stay polite in the queue and also inside the club. Accept the doorkeeper’s decision if you don’t get in. Maybe try it again later or on another day. Look already for alternatives before you go to a certain club. If one club does not let you in, there are others who will.”

Skrufff: What advice for can you offer DJs wanting to get gigs?

Snuff Crew: “In no other city will you find as many DJs living here as in Berlin. And the clubs also book a lot of guest DJS from all over the world. So it’s not very easy to get a gig here directly. But with some patience, friends and of course good musical taste, it should be possible to play here somewhere eventually.”

Snuff Crew’s latest EP is out now Berlin-based label Killekill. It contains the tracks “Domo” and “Eat This” 

Jonty Skrufff: