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London Club Legend Lashes UK’s Violent ‘Normality’

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on December 20, 2011

Punk pioneer and seminal nightlife icon Philip Sallon chatted about the rising numbers of vicious homophobic attacks in London this week and blamed conformity in Britain’s school system for encouraging thugs to target outsiders.

"You get sent to school and the message there is 'be normal, all look the same, wear a uniform',” the Mud Club/ Blitz kid impresario told the Standard.

"It makes it a lot easier for a community to run smoothly if no one is acting out of turn. We hold normality on a pedestal,” he suggested. ( )

The always flamboyant fearless promoter ’still suffers impaired hearing, taste and smell’, the Standard revealed, after he was brutally assaulted by a stranger, close to Soho, in the early hours in April. 

“Philip was walking past the Gap store on Piccadilly when someone started on him. Philip told him to leave him alone but the man beat him up and stole his watch,” his cousin Joshua Sallon told

“He was left lying on the floor for hours before he was found and taken to hospital.”

People aren't so individual any more. There is this sense of why would you want to stand out and make a show of yourself?" his friend Boy George said soon after the attack.

"Just because you see a few more gay people on TV doesn't mean there is no longer a problem. In the last 10 years we have seen lots of attacks in the West End, people have been killed. [Homosexuals being targeted] is not uncommon.” George added. ( ) (The Cruella Diaries with Philip Sallon Ep1.Deconstructivism, Youtube) (Mud Club in 1987)

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