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Chew The Fat Man Praises Tim Deluxe’s Message

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on January 25, 2012

London club promoter Paul Arnold chatted to Skrufff this week about moving his 

Chew The Fat parties to East London’s Xoyo and also revealed that he’d been particularly inspired by a recent Skrufff interview with Tim Deluxe in which Tim chatted candidly about the reality of life as an international DJ and club star.

“I really enjoyed the Tim Deluxe feature because it was fascinating and very truthful,” he said.

“I forwarded it to a few artists I manage who are in very similar situations. It’s so frustrating managing an artist who has such good opportunities but goes through those similar issues. This article has been a great help for them knowing it’s not just them,” said Paul.

Chatting to Skrufff last December, Tim, who in his 16 year career has had massive worldwide hits including speed garage smash RIP Groove and house anthem ‘It Just Won’t Do’, outlined the common breakthrough DJ formula he encountered.

“The irony is when you gain commercial success it drags you away from were you should be at. You see it time and time again in this industry,” said Tim.

“New producer/s makes hot tunes > blows up = gigs everywhere > remixes instead of original productions > tours too heavily > physically and mentally tired = no new records. 

“Also add copious amounts of free alcohol and drugs and you’ve pretty much got the picture. Burn Out, Divorce, Addiction, take your pick! This cycle is so common.”

Similarly travelling the world as an in demand DJ for over ten years, 

Paul’s globetrotting adventures came to an abrupt end when he discovered he was suffering from leukaemia in 2007.

Now fully recovered Paul has now taken up long-distance swimming (while Tim does marathon running), though admitted one of his frustrations about his illness was discovering it was partially self-inflicted.

“A big frustration was the lack of knowledge I had, and that people still have about the risk of cancer and how it is caused, especially amongst people leading those party lifestyles,” he reflected.

“Most people thought I just got leukaemia by chance but it was definitely a disease brought on by lifestyle. People don't understand that,” he said.

Chew the Fat returns to London at their new home of Xoyo on Friday February 10, headlined by garage legend MJ Cole, Foamo, Hot City, French Fries and a Donga presents Well Rounded Records Showcase (room 2). (Read the Tim Deluxe Interview in full here) 

Jonty Skrufff: