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Lauhaus; Don’t Call Me (Only) Polder (interview)

Reported by JontySkrufff on January 25, 2012

Dutch minimal tech-house type Lauhaus visits Moscow superclub Arma 17 this weekend (January 27) to spin alongside Berliner Jonty Skrufff and Russian producers Mike Spirit and Special Case.

Starting his career ten years ago, he was initially best known for being one half of minimal tech duo Polder, as well as being one of 6 men laptop collective “Amsterdam 661”, though nowadays is increasingly standing alone.

“In the beginning of my career Polder was definitely my priority, but in the last few years, it's been more about my solo Lauhaus stuff. But David Labeij (his Polder collaborator) and me are still best friends, so Polder definitely isn't over,’ he says.

“How do I decide between ideas for Lauhaus and Polder? It's all about a feeling,” he continues, “but in general Polder is more techno heavy then Lauhaus.”

Skrufff (Jonty Skrufff): Starting with Friday’s Arma gig; what’s your expectation of the gig?

Lauhaus; “Arma is a famous club which I have heard about many times, so I’m definitely looking forward to it. I'm expecting an industrial underground club filled with an enthusiastic crowd.”

Skrufff: Now that thousands more DJs can instantly mix with Traktor synching etc: how much has this changed the game for your sets?

Lauhaus; “Before I used to play vinyl but for some years now I have changed to Traktor. And I have to say I really like it. It gives me many more options during my set; either when it comes to looping, EFX or music selection. But in general Traktor lowered the bar for people to start DJing which is a good thing.”

Skrufff: How important is performing? What you wear?

Lauhaus; “Performing and fashion is certainly an element of being a DJ but not the most important one. Sure I like to wear something fashionable and show my appreciation to the crowd, but you won't see me dancing on the turntables.”

Skrufff: And how much are you always making a point of playing your own tracks in sets?

Lauhaus; “I prefer to play my own productions, but not too many. I like to keep it exciting for myself and for the crowd.”

Skrufff: How long does it typically take you to create a track/ do a remix? How much do you start with a typical ‘Lauhaus’ sound?

Lauhaus; “Normally when I find a good idea or concept for a track, it can go really fast. But fine-tuning always takes a while.”

Skrufff: It’s over 10 years since you started: how much has your day to day life changed? (how much of your time is spent on social networking?)

Lauhaus; “My day to day life has changed in the fact that I can spend all my time working on music and don't have to go to my day job, which is great. Social networking is of course, very important, and you can't do without it nowadays. So people can definitely find me on Facebook.”

Skrufff: Dutch mainstream trance DJs such as Tiesto/ Armin Van Buuren are now global pop stars; how much does their success influence/ or affect the club scene you’re in?

Lauhaus; “It doesn't affect it much I think. The places and venues they play are totally different from where I play.”

Skrufff: How much of a temptation is it to dilute your sounds to emulate their commercial success?

Lauhaus; “I don't work like that, I just do what I feel in the moment. I try to stay original with my music and not to get stuck in the past.”

Skrufff: What’s been the greatest gig you’ve done?

Lauhaus; “i would say playing in Watergate (Berlin) and Studio 80 (Amsterdam) are my favourite clubs. Great people and great vibe.”

Skrufff: And what’s been the biggest disaster? 

Lauhaus; “well once I came close to a disaster on my way to Ibiza when my plane had to return to Amsterdam Airport twice on the same flight. Firstly because a bird flew into the engine and second time because the anti-freeze system had a failure.”

Skrufff: Given your name, was there a gothic period in your youth (ie Bauhaus)?

Lauhaus; “haha, no I was never a goth. Not my thing . .  . it's just a nickname my friends gave me.”

Lauhaus DJs at Arma 17 on Friday 27 January (immediately after article author Jonty Skrufff). 

Lauhaus - Varna Vibes(Mr.G remix) Lauhaus - Temple Balls  Lauhaus - Hamka (Original Mix)

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