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Guest Reviewer: D-Nox & Beckers

Reported by Jack Bridges TID on January 31, 2012

Since coming together in the mid 2000's the formidable duo of D-Nox & Beckers have been taking their unique blend of house, minimalism and techno to all corners of the globe via some of the world's biggest and most discerning dance floors and festival. Over the years, their high calibre productions have appeared on labels such as Baroque Records, Craft Music, Great Stuff Recordings, Toolroom Records, D-Nox's own Sprout Music and of course, Christian Smith's Tronic.

We're big fans of their sound here at Trackitdown and with the release of the recent remix packages that saw big tracks from their album Distance reworked by the likes of Wehbba, Dustin Zahn, Guy J and Bushwacka! we thought it time to catch up with the guys and find out what they're up to.

We hope you enjoy this interview with Beckers followed by their Guest Reviews selection taking in some of the biggest tracks from their most recent sets.

Where are you right now and what have you been up to over the last 7 days?

I´m in Germany right now, doing some studio work. Unfortunately I was sick for a couple of days during the last week. But now I´m back to life and preparing my upcoming Australia Trip. 

You guys broke through via the global Psy Trance scene before creating your trademark sound. Do you have any fond memories of those times?

Those times were many year ago now. The Psy Trance scene became really stagnant. I was actually never into this kind of music so much, but I still like to revisit it twice a year, simply because the vibe and the atmosphere is still different to the rest of the party scene and it gives you more space to relax.

What inspired you to slow down the BPMs and create the amazing sound that now defines D-Nox & Beckers?

There was never a real intention; we just did what we felt like. Back in the days we made 128-130bpm (that’s nothing compare to the 145bpm of Psy Trance) and now we´re on easy 124-126bpm. I never liked to think too much in categories and I started producing electronic music by not knowing anything or nobody. D-Nox always had his Techno roots and I always liked the more groovy stuff, so I think together we became a good combination.

How do you guys work together on your productions? Do you each have defined roles? Do you always like to work together in the same studio or do you get more inspiration working on your own and sending files to each over the internet?

Nowadays we are not living in the same place anymore, so we work a lot over the internet. I´m more the Studio guy with the real Studio, but D-Nox also always collecting ideas. Thank God we changed completely to Ableton Live almost 2 years ago; this makes this kind of workflow so much easier.

We see you headlining some incredible events in tropical places like Brazil. What part of the world do you most look forward to touring and why?

We are really big in Brazil and it´s always great to play there, but for me Japan is one of my favourite places. Mind-blowing clubs and crowds and you always feel like you are on a different planet.

Please tell us about some of the artists you have chosen to remix your tracks from Distance album and what it is about their styles that you enjoy?

D-Nox, Christian Smith and myself tried to get a wide range of known artists that we respect on one side for their musical work, but on the other side they also had to fit together with our kind of music. I´m really happy that Tronic could confirm all these great artist for both remix albums!

Do you play much unsigned music in your sets that is sent to you from new and up coming producers? How can people get music and demos to you?

Yeah I always do! If I get sent something really good from friends or from whomever, I play it of course. Anybody can send me music by Facebook or email, but I have to say that promos we are getting too many promos nowadays. You get between 15-20 every day and 90% aren’t that amazing. So, this makes it hard to have the patience to listen to everything. I try, but I never really hear everything I get sent…. Sad but true…

With your years of experience both DJing and producing what words of wisdom can you pass on to the next generation of aspiring artists who might be reading this?

Don´t follow the rules of the scene or of the moment, follow only yourself.

What does the D-Nox & Beckers DJ booth consist of these days? Laptops? CDS? What are the reasons behind your preferred methods?

I can almost say I´m old school, because I´m simply playing CDs when I´m DJing. I still don´t like to get on stage with all this technical stuff (however, I love technical stuff) and connect everything and put my trust in everything always working. 

If we´re playing live, we usually play with 2 Laptops running Ableton and some controller and keyboards. I kind of like to play the real keyboard, because I have the background of being a pianist.

Any musical predictions for the year ahead? Will we see a rise or fall in popularity with any particular styles or genres?

Hmm, not really. Electronic music gets slower and slower and music is coming back inside the tracks. I actually like this development. With House and Techno you never know. It comes and goes in waves…

Finally, what big plans do D-Nox and Beckers have for 2012?

Finding more time for the Studio and simply keep on rolling  ;-)

D-Nox & Beckers Guest Reviews

If you have already reached the peak time of your set and you want to go for one more, this is the one. Phat Groove and an endless break where the crowd goes nuts.

Label: Cocoon Recordings
Genre: Techno (Techno)
Release Date: 2011-12-05
MP3 320kbs$ 1.64
WAV$ 1.95

Good example of modern kicking Techno.

Always like the deep warm grooves of Hermanez. Happy to have him on board with a remix for one of my favourites of the Album.

This is the favourite of Mr. D-Nox . A deep warm proggy remix of the trombone track Jacaranda.

Remixer: Maetrik
Label: Cocoon Recordings
Genre: Techno (Techno)
Release Date: 2011-12-05
MP3 320kbs$ 1.64
WAV$ 1.95

This guy is on fire. Almost everything of Maetrik or Maceo Plex has a kind of quality regarding the music and the production that I’m missing a lot these days…

Trippy Tech-House the way I like it. 

Nice tune from one of my favourite producers from my home country The Netherlands.

Label: Sprout
Genre: Techno
Release Date: 2011-12-02
MP3 320kbs$ 1.64
WAV$ 1.95

DJs Supporting: 1

This is a new very talented producer from Brazil with a unique style.

My favourite track from our ‘My Way’ compilation on Sprout.

Label: Get Human
Genre: Deep / Tech House
Release Date: 2011-12-12
MP3 320kbs$ 1.64
WAV$ 1.95

DJs Supporting: 6

Love this endless House Track for special moments.

Infusion kind of brought me into Techno. One of my all time favourites.

Distance Remixes: Part Two

Distance Remixes: Part One

D-Nox & Beckers Guest Reviewer Bundle

D-Nox & Beckers - My Way

Label: Sprout
Genre: Techno
Release Date: 2011-12-02
MP3 320kbs$ 11.00
WAV$ 12.64

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