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5 Music Maker Tips; Steve Mac (interview)

Reported by JontySkrufff on February 16, 2012

Starting out making music aged just 15, Steve Mac’s teamed up with production partner Rob Chetcuti to form Rhythm Masters in the mid 90s, going on to release scores of massive house records together before splitting in 2002.

10 years on he remains prolific as a solo producer having remixed for the likes of Jamiroquai, Charlotte Church and Simply Red and put out his own tunes including Lovin' You More, Paddys Revenge and The Fly. (Click here for Loving You More; )


Skrufff (Jonty Skrufff): I make music because . . . 

Steve Mac: “I love it. I was always fascinated with electronic music. I was 11 years old when I started my record collection and 15 when I made my first track (which in truth was pretty shit. It was different when I started out back in the day, there was no glamour side of travelling around the world, getting paid fortunes for gigs, it was all about the music. I think people get into it for all the wrong reasons today.”

Skrufff: The best way to overcome a creative block is . . . 

Steve Mac: “Take a step back. Don't sit there and drive yourself mad, walk out the room, go to another one, listen to lots of other people’s music, that always gives you a lift and can help get the creative juices flowing again.”

Skrufff: I started taking making music seriously when . . . 

Steve Mac: “Well forever really. When I was a kid, I worked for my old man (father) and all the money I made, I spent on records. I’m not sure if it was serious at the time, maybe more of an obsession.”

Skrufff: The best music-making tip I ever heard was . . . 

Steve Mac: “to sample everything (laughing) . . . only joking. The best tip I can give is don't be a know-it-all. Listen to other people and take in what they are saying, don't be the one to talk out loud all the time.”

Skrufff: The secret of writing great music is . . . 

Steve Mac: “Emotion and feelings, write from your heart. Listen to all types of music, take all the things you like from them and turn them into your own. Quite a hard question that. I suppose there is no answer; some people have it, some don't.”

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