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Paris Hilton Prosecutor Jailed for Crack

Reported by JontySkrufff on March 1, 2012

(image; from addiction. recovery site The Fix; click HERE for more)


Vegas Deputy District Attorney David Schubert was this week branded a ‘disgrace’ in court as he was sentenced to 9 months in jail after being caught red handed with a rock of crack cocaine and an unlicensed 9 mm handgun.

The previously high flying lawyer made his name leading a drugs task force and handling celebrity drugs cases including Paris Hilton’s (powder) cocaine bust, though was disowned by fellow drug warriors immediately after being caught last year buying rocks from a low level Vegas dealer.

'I just can't wrap my head around the idea that a prosecutor who knows the dangers of drugs would try crack cocaine,” Clark County District Attorney David Roger told the Vegas Review-Journal last April.

'It's disheartening to know the individual who I assigned to prosecute high-level drug cases is allegedly using rock cocaine,” he added. Daily Mail )

Details of the famous prosecutor’s downfall emerged just as United Nations drug warriors attacked celebrities for glamourising drugs by not taking them seriously enough, contributing to ‘no-go’ zones in cities including Manchester and Liverpool.

''We are looking at social cohesion, the social disintegration and illegal drugs,” top UN drug lord Professor Hamid Ghodse told reporters.  

“Celebrities,” he said, ‘contribute to a growing normalisation of certain forms of drug misuse within the wider society and in turn can lead to the undermining of social cohesion'.

Guardian writer Tom Meltzer, meanwhile, linked illicit drugs to revelations that arrested British News of the World editor Rebekah Brookes had been ‘loaned’ a police horse some years ago at the height of her powers, suggesting more such cooperation between police and the people could prove beneficial.

“Rebekah Brooks got a horse from the Met (Metropolitan Police) but we'd rather have ‘Police sniffer dogs’,” the Guardian columnist declared.

So many uses,” he pointed out, “Forgotten where you keep that stash of drugs you've hidden somewhere in the house? No problem! Moved to a new area and not been hooked up with the local dealer? Go, Fido!” he said. ( )

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