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Laurent Garnier’s French (Ed Banger) Connection

Reported by JontySkrufff on March 13, 2012

French pioneer DJ Laurent Garnier chatted to Skrufff this week about his decision to release his new single Timeless on Pedro Winter’s uber-fashionable label Ed Banger and robustly denied web chatter suggesting he was somehow selling out.

“You know for me things are very simple, since the end of (his own independent label) F Comm, I have followed the same pattern every time, regardless of the image of the label, (as long as they are independent), the first person that is very excited about my music always gets the release,” said Laurent.

“So that was Innervision with ‘Back to my roots’, Crosstown Rebels with "It's Just Muzik’, PIAS with "Gnanmankoudji" , and  nowEd Bangers for this "Timeless ep".

“I have never shopped around for labels and for this release I posted two tracks on Soundcloud  afew month ago without saying anything to anyone, and Pedro was the first one to send me a mail asking me about those 2 tracks.”

Speaking on the Ed Banger blog several weeks ago, Winter described being turned onto techno and club culture by Garnier courtesy of the weekly Thursday night parties he hosted at Paris Rex Club in the 90s, and described snapping up Jacques in the Box after DJing together in Corsica.

“Some Mojitos on the beach closed the deal!” Pedro recounted, “After a three hour back to back DJ set at Calvi on the Rocks I knew Laurent will accept my proposal.”

The collaboration prompted to question Garnier’s motives two weeks ago, declaring ‘it was only a few years ago that techno trailblazer Laurent Garnier took a thinly-veiled shot at Busy P’s Ed Banger empire in an interview with Resident Advisor. “There have always been tons of French producers, but now you see them more because it’s all about the image,” he remarked about the fervour at the time for Gallic electro.”

“Well, how times change,” said Inthemix. ( )

Laurent was distinctly unimpressed.

“I was a million miles away from being wrong about the emphasis on image in general nowadays,” he insisted.

Look at what is happening around the information on the release of this record on Ed Banger. All this talking/ chatting/noise around this release could not be more obvious about what i was talking about. Everyone is commenting on it but no-one has yet heard the music.”

“That just proves my point,” he shrugged in his characteristically Gallic manner, “Obviously no-one knows what they are really talking about as they haven't heard what should be the essential subject on this adventure: the music’.

“Is the record good or bad” he roared. “Isn't Ed Banger first and foremost a record label at first? Haven’t they released some great records by the likes of Dj Mehdi, Mr Oizo, Feadz, Krazy baldhead, Squarepusher. Etc?”

“As music has always been first for me and as I never gave a shit about packaging and image, I didn't see why I should have refused to release this record with him since he was very enthusiastic about the music,” he continued.

If you think about it, refusing it would have been the proof that I was caring more about my image than my music. It's as simple as that. I still hate the emphasis on image nowadays in the music business as much as I ever did. But you know what? I think it's a fucking great record, and I am very proud to release it with someone who is very excited about it. A bientot mon petit pois.”

Laurent Garnier plays Berghain and Panorama Bar in Berlin on March 30/ 31st and at Exit Festival in Serbia on Sunday 15th July (where he’ll be showcasing his new/ live/ DJ concept L.B.S (alongside Benjamin Rippert (keyboards) and Stephane "Scan X" Dri (machines)”. 

Jonty Skrufff: