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Free Sound of the Glade Festival 2012 Album & DJ Mix to download

Reported by Jack Bridges TID on March 26, 2012

Glade was originally started by 4 fellows who between them had run and been involved in music festivals the world over, especially Southern Africa and who also ran the wonderful Glade Stage, the best place to catch breaks, techno and psytrance at Glastonbury.  From 2004 until 2008 the festival was held at the lovely Wasing Estate near Aldermaston in West Berkshire. It was a crazy success and quickly gathered a momentum that took everyone by surprise. 

In 2011 Glade was given new life, and some of the original team were joined by Secret Productions; the award winning company behind the Secret Garden Party. Kindred spirits, friends and family, this quickly cemented into a beautiful union, where creative forces met and combined, and incredible production values merged.  Moving forwards to 2012, we’ve had a whole year to do what we did in 3 weeks last year...its going to be immense!

The Glade 2012 Trackitdown Album takes on all of what Glade is about...a diverse multi lingual slab of underground dance music which represents the very core of what Glade is about, creativity and forward thinking cutting edge production that takes things to the next level year after year.

From the ground-breaking bass of Kamikaze Space Programme & Noisses through to the intelligent techno sounds of Extrawelt and Max Cooper then moving up a gear to the progressive vibes of Ace Ventura and Psy trance legend Dick Trevor, this Trackitdown release is a not to be missed selection of tracks from the 2012 dance music soundscape.

Thank you to all the artists and labels who have submitted tracks to this amazing album. Please click on their artist names below to hear more from them and check them out at Glade 2012 event!

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