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Arise Lord Cox of Long Marston!

Reported by Ed Real on April 1, 2012

Congratulations to Carl Cox for his knighthood which has been announced this weekend in the Queen's new years honours lists.

According to the Sunday Times today, Carl Cox is to be honoured for two decades as UK ambassador for dance music. In this time he has circumnavigated the globe hundreds of times representing our country at the highest level.

His countless appearances in front of millions of young people has helped to advertise the UK dance music industry and bring business to our domestic record labels, producers and other entertainers.

While many other such ambassadors in the realm of sport, film, fashion and music have been honoured before, Carl Cox will become the first 'Lord of the Dance' to achieve the highest of accolades.

His new title of 'Lord Cox of Long Marston', a place in the English countryside known by many as the home of the Global Gathering music festival, will not just be a ceremonial one. As a Lord, Cox will be invited to sit and debate statutes of law at Parliament.

We at would like to congratulate our Lord of the Dance and hope that his first act will be to wield his ceremonial sword in the direction of Simon Cowell to help us rid our country of such idiots!

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