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Guest Reviewer: Gaudi

Reported by Jack Bridges TID on April 3, 2012

With more than 250 productions and 90 remixes to his name we are very pleased to invite the prolific and innovative Gaudi to tell us about his recent compilation for Iboga, collaborating with Alex Patterson from the Orb and his forthcoming performance at Glade festival.

Where are you right now and what have you been some of your recent highlights?

I am in my recording studio in London. I just got back from an amazing 2 months of being "on the road" touring in Australia first, then in Costa Rica.

Is there anything you know now as a music industry professional that you wish you knew back at the start?

It would have been great to know then what I know now. What would have been most useful to understand back then was the bureaucratic structure of the industry – it’s a minefield and there are so many aspects and elements to it and everyone wanting to take their slice of the pie... it’s not just about making a great album and getting signed to a label and the deal is done. Sadly that’s just the beginning and if you don’t have sufficient knowledge of where the sharks are swimming in the musical pond you might just get eaten up without a trace.

When I started back in the days I knew nothing about the industry per say, I just had an incredible passion that drove me, enough determination and a huge enthusiasm, that was enough for me at the time to get me going but it was very much a solo mission of trial and error. Mistakes, however, are good... it’s when we do our best learning.

How long has Everlasting been in the pipeline? How long did it take to compile from start to finish?

It took me 8 months.

How did you go about compiling such a tracklisting? There are so many big names on the compilation?

I had in mind this "sonic journey" condensed in to a double CD album so I just followed my instincts and my taste in music. I wanted to amalgamate the elements that are part of my own music compositions such as, electronica, dub and psychedelic. So, I got in touch with the artists I had in mind and explained my concept, most of them I knew personally, so it wasn’t too difficult to bring together the crew that I wanted. When I proposed my project they all understood the concept and most of them composed brand-new, unreleased material for it.

I see your festival schedule is already looking busy this year, including Glade festival here in the UK. If you weren't playing at any which ones would you go to as a punter?

Burning Man (Black Rock desert, Nevada, USA), I played there last year and it was simply phenomenal!

How important do you think festivals are for the music market?

Nowadays music festivals are extremely important, for the artists of course, but also for the punters. You have the oppertunity to see a vast array of artists performing live and discover, in some cases, artists that stand out from others for their "live abilities" that sometimes happen to be expressed better on stage than in the studio. It’s the time when you get to actually connect with your fans. it’s where loyalties and musical memories are made. 

As you're on tour so much, do you make music on the road? Does anywhere inspire you muscially in particular?

No, unfortunately I am not able to make music on the road because in my compositions and productions I use analogue studio gear and vintage synthesizers, so I really need to be in my studio when I compose. I always travel with my dictaphone that helps me to capture music ideas and sketches. I don’t really have a special place that particularly inspires me to create music. Every place could be a potential trigger for good music ideas.

You recently started a new project with Alex Patterson (from the Orb), tell us more about that? 

Two years ago Alex and I decided to give light to a collaboration, we needed a singer so we involved Chester, and SCREEN was born! It has been a great (and kind of liberating) experience for all of us – to be able to step outside of our own individual musical "arenas" and explore new creative dimensions. Our first single "Just Outside Your Comfort Zone" was released last October (check video here:, our debut album will be out on the 9th of April on UK label Malicious Damage. Check out SCREEN website here:

What other studio work have you got coming up this year?

My latest compilation EVERLASTING just came out on Iboga Records. It is an impressive collection of largely new and unreleased tracks from an international group of artists who have defined, not only a genre but an era in electronic music. Lamb, Mad Professor, Tipper, System7, Eat Static, Pete Namlook, Pitch Black, Tripswitch, Shpongle & Alan Parson’s Project to name a few. I have also included my remixes of Trentemoller and The Orb.        

Another release in the pipeline for 2012 is a new solo album (my 13th!!!) this is gonna be killa!. Sooo excited about it! The album also contains a few collaborative tracks with some "heavyweight" musical adventurers! The album has no title yet but is planned to be released worldwide in September. Stay tuned. 

If you can give one valuable piece of advice to young producers reading this interview, what would it be?

Play the music, not the instrument.

Gaudi Reviews

I love Trentemøller as a innovative producer. Here I have remixed his track "Always Something Better" and it works really well in my "nocturnal sets"!

This is my 2006 remix of the track "Sufani" that I wrote in Y2K. People always ask for this track so I play it regularly, not only the remix but also the original version.

I consider The Orb as pioneers in the electronica music scene and I am always happy to play some of their classics. In this case it is my remix of "Meandering Through the Emerald Turf" from their latest album "C Batter C". 

Label: Addictech Records
Genre: Breaks
Release Date: 2011-12-26
MP3 320kbs$ 1.81
WAV$ 2.16

Opiuo has a very infectious groove, perfect for "shaking ur booty" on the dancefloor. Sexy and groovy.

Label: Addictech Records
Genre: Dubstep
Release Date: 2011-04-12
MP3 320kbs$ 1.81
WAV$ 2.16

Australian producer with a nice elegant production and clever use of computer technology.

Tripswitch has delivered this amazing piece of music for my latest compilation Everlasting. I think it has a perfect balance of "chill" and "groove".

I love Mr Tom Real and with his mate Rogue Element they formed Disco Of Doom, an irresistible mixture of dirty grooves, cheeky sounds and clever production.

Remixer: D. Ramirez
Label: New State Music
Genre: House / Electro
Release Date: 2010-06-13
MP3 320kbs$ 1.81
WAV$ 2.16

DJs Supporting: 2

Love the production in this track. Every time I drop this tune people on the dancefloor react really well.

I Love Atomic Drop and I also love Neurodriver. Together they create an incredible power. Fresh and groovy!

Solid production and great depth.

Many thanks to Gaudi for his time and selection

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Catch Gaudi performing live at Glade Festival 2012

Glade Electronic Arts Festival – 14,15,16,17 June 2012

Houghton Hall, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Capacity 10,000

Weekend Tickets : £135.00 + BF


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