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Guest Reviewer: Calvertron

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on May 14, 2012

Having only just returned from America for a night at New York's Webster Hall with Noisia, Calvertron is currently readying himself for a series of US tours, such is the continued demand for him stateside. 

He's just remixed for the likes of Enter Shikari, Skepta and Laidback Luke, with the latter remix shooting to the heights of download charts, as has his recent single on self run label Jack Knife. Amongst working on the new EP for his own imprint (released in June) and singles for other leading bass heavy labels, Calvertron is also busying himself in the studio with a number of new remixes, samples packs and collaborations which will be coming to the surface over the summer and the latter part of this year - including a return to the studio with previous partner in crime, Will Bailey, under their Twocker alias. 

Hi Calvertron. Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. Where are you right now and what have been some of your key highlights from the past week/month?

I go back home to Bristol on Monday having just spent the last month touring Canada and the States. The highlights I would have to say were playing at Webster Hall with Noisia in New York, another great party with my Mate Downlink in his home town of Kelowna in Canada and I spent a week in Calgary after another great show playing golf and having fun with my buddy Cameron (a great festival VJ from over there).

Can you give us a snapshot of the current state of Dubstep in 2012 through the eyes of Calvertron?

I kind of look at what I do as just bass music really. I try to switch the tempos about with electro, Moombahcore and drumstep etc as well as the 140bpm half time stuff. I don’t think what I do could really be classed as authentic dubstep as I’m coming from a different angle having produced so many different genre’s over the past 10 years. I have however been very lucky to play some amazing parties all over the world and it seems like a very healthy scene to me!

Can you remember the first time you were exposed to Dubstep? What kinds of music were you into before that?

The one single event that made me want to have ago at making that kind of stuff was when I played after Datsik in Portland, Oregon a couple of years ago, his set was really inspiring to me and the crowd reaction was unreal. When I got home I had a go at making a couple of tracks but didn’t feel that confident in it.

A couple of months later I went to watch Downlink play in Nottingham whilst he was in the UK on tour, we got to hang out for a couple of days and I played him those tunes, he encouraged me to keep at it.

Have you ever suffered any major set backs in your career? When did you realize this had become a “living” for you?

I’ve been very lucky to pan out a career in production and DJing for a decade now, it is definitely a rollercoaster ride sometimes but I think the fact that I get interested in making new styles quite often may have been helpful in sustaining it. No real major set backs but life really can be tough sometimes; you just have fight through it and try to stay positive.

As an artist who is constantly performing and touring are you producing or creating ideas while on the road, in hotels and airport lounges? 

I’ve tried I just can’t do it, probably coz I’m too busy nursing hangovers! It’s definitely something I need to start doing as the amount time wasted travelling and being away from home is unreal.

What is your preferred setup in the studio at the moment? Are there any pieces of software or hardware that you’re finding essential for making music? 

I’ve been using Cubase for about 14 years, Massive is my favourite synth, I used to have a studio full of analogue synthesizers and outboard gear but I got rid of it all years ago, the only piece of hardware I have left is an Access Virus ti Polar which I only really use as midi keyboard, I should sell it really.

Having extensively toured across the US and Europe what do you see as the key differences between the scene's either side of the Atlantic?

I’ve noticed over the past year or so that the scene I’ve been exposed to in Europe is quite similar to the scene in the States/Canada in terms of great audience sizes, similar fashion sense (apart from the US candy raver parties), crowd craziness with stage diving, moshpits etc.etc. Quite good fun as I’m a metalhead at heart!

Places like Spain, France, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Ukraine to name a just few have been incredible! I don’t really get booked in the UK that often so I can’t really comment on the scene here.

Who are you currently rating as an artist or DJ you think might blow up big by the end of 2012?

I’m actually very lucky to be playing with 2 of my favourite artists this weekend, Alvin Risk and Kill The Noise, they’re already pretty huge though!

I would have to say I see some great things ahead for Dodge and Fuski and Cutline, my buddies from Bristol. Also Will Bailey has started making some great dubsteppy type stuff, the next EP on my label (Jack Knife) will be a 3 track EP from Will called ‘The Lazer EP’. Check it out soon!

Also… whilst I was in Calgary I did collaboration with Mark Instinct, he played me some of his upcoming productions and they we’re next level, I learnt a lot from him, he’s a great producer!

Finally, are there any other plans or projects you'd like to give a special mention to?

I’m working on an 6 or 7 track EP myself which should be go to go in a few weeks time, hopefully we’ll be able to get it out before I go back Stateside in June! Cheers :o)

Calvertron Reviews

Remixer: Xilent
Label: Ram Records
Genre: Dubstep
Release Date: 2012-04-29
MP3 320kbs$ 1.39
WAV$ 1.75

Great remix here from Xilent here, been opening a lot my sets with this, seems to set the tone for what’s to come.

This one does exactly what is says on the tin, full on mosh out Canadian filth-step at its best, two of my favourite producers in Dubstep by far!


Great remix of this classic Noisia number, I was lucky enough to play after Kill The Noise at Cable in London recently, smashing set! Feed Me/Spor was blasting a fire extinguisher over him for half his set, was hilarious, hehe

Remixer: Kill The Noise
Label: 3beat Records
Genre: Dubstep
Release Date: 2011-12-04
MP3 320kbs$ 2.63
WAV$ 3.09

KTN again, great vibe to this track, a good balance of grimy bass, wicked rapping and euphoric breakdowns, definitely get’s the crowd screaming every time! Play it in most of my sets.

Label: Never Say Die
Genre: Dubstep
Release Date: 2012-01-15
MP3 320kbs$ 2.63
WAV$ 3.09

Bristol homies Dodge & Fuski rinse out another peak time belter on Never Say Die. Very catchy and good use of the classic Monty Python quote!

Remixer: Calvertron & Will Bailey
Label: New State Music
Genre: Dubstep
Release Date: 2012-04-29
MP3 320kbs$ 2.63
WAV$ 3.09

Shameless self-promotion alert! Was fun working with Mr Bailey again on this remix for Laidback Luke, more coming from Will & I very soon under our old Twocker guise.

Remixer: Cutline
Label: Infrared Music
Genre: Drum and Bass (Drumstep, Jump Up)
Release Date: 2012-04-09
MP3 320kbs$ 2.63
WAV$ 3.09

DJs Supporting: 1

Love the original, Love even more what my mates Dan & Jeryl did with the remix, always goes off, drumstep at its best!

Label: Mau5trap
Genre: Dubstep
Release Date: 2012-02-06
MP3 320kbs$ 2.63
WAV$ 3.09

Fantastic collaboration between Feed Me and Hadouken, HUGE production.

Remixer: Calvertron
Label: Jack Knife Records (TLM)
Genre: Dubstep
Release Date: 2012-04-16
MP3 320kbs$ 2.63
WAV$ 3.09

I made the original in 2010 with my cousin Qalvr, I thought it needed an update so here it is. Seems to be working well in my sets.

Massive thanks to Calvertron for his time and selection!

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