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Glade Festival DnB Showcase; Bladerunner Interview

Reported by Sam TID on May 16, 2012

On Friday 15th June, Trackitdown will be representing all styles of DnB at the legendary Glade festival. We’ve invited some of our favourite DJs/producers to showcase their take on the exciting sounds hitting the raves each and every week.

We’ve asked the crew to tell us a little bit about themselves in a series of short interviews and to give us a snapshot of the kind of beats they’ll be spinning!

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Next up in our series of TID DnB showcase interviews we have producer and DJ that needs no introduction, Bladerunner....

Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and your sound?

I’m Devan Gray aka Bladerunner. I’ve have had releases on labels such as Dread Recordings, Creative Source, Philly Blunt, and Critical. My sound is heavily influenced by the early jungle sounds from ’94 -‘97 which was my favourite era. I try to keep the most important element heavy bass, and bring more sharpness to my production by mixing new technology with old analogue gear to get the best of both worlds. 

How long have you been in the game and what advice do you have for young guns wanting to make their mark?

I've been producing drum & bass for about twelve years now. The best advice I can give for new producers is to get the best monitors you can afford, it makes so much difference to the detail you’ll be able to hear in your mixes, and make as much new music as you can. Don’t get bogged down with the same tune for weeks, come back to it later and you’ll have more ideas.

Have you always been a junglist? What were you into before you got into the scene?

Yes, jungle was my first love from my school days. I used to listen mainly to Hip Hop, Reggae and House. 

What was your first introduction to drum and bass?

I first got into jungle in ‘94 through friends at school playing their Dreamscape and Helter Skelter tapes to me, and going to under 18 raves at the Sanctuary in Milton Keynes.

Are you a fan of other sounds either electronic or otherwise? Anything outside of DNB that is exciting or inspiring you right now and why?

I don’t get a lot of time to listen to music outside of dnb these days, but I do listen to Florence and the Machine who I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from, I love the strings and the dark tone of her music.

Is this your first festival?  If so, what are you looking forward to? If you’re a veteran what advise would you give to first timers preparing for their 3 day stretch in the countryside!?

I’ve been to a few festivals before but never stayed overnight. I’m not much of a camper, I like my home comforts too much! The best thing is seeing dj’s and artists you don’t normally get to see at dnb events. I’m looking forward to checking out Dub Pistols and Submotion Orchestra.

What’s been your favourite festival experience and what’s been your worst?

My favourite experience so far was playing to a packed crowd at the first live performance of our band Renegade at Play Fest last year. It was really great to see the vibes and energy you can create through live music. The worst festival experience is always the toilets!

Will you been rocking the wellies and the Barbour look at Glade!? Have you got any essential festival gear you always pack?

I might take some wellies. Definitely won’t be wearing my best trainers!

Finally, we’re blasting out on a Funktion One rig set up around an ice cream van that’ll be our DJ booth! We reckon this could be the maddest set up! Have you ever played in some crazy places over your career?

Some of the craziest places I’ve played have been in dodgy warehouses and fields in the middle of nowhere at illegal raves many years ago. The ice cream van sounds like it could be a mad one!

This sounds like a crazy concept... love that! Sure to be impressive for all. I played on a couple of boats and a double decker bus, but this could be my maddest set up to date.

Thanks very much to Devan.

We hope this has got you all very excited!?

Tickets are selling fast and the whole Trackitdown crew will be there in full force – see you there!

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