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EDM – ‘The New rock 'N’ Roll’

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on May 21, 2012

Major label EDM executive David Rene from Interscope told Billboard dance music has finally crossed over in the US ‘because the guitar is dead’ this week, as MTV’s Rawley Bornstein labeled EDM ‘the new rock 'n' roll’. 

“Just as parents might be going to see Bruce Springsteen as a working man's hero who sings about factories, a new generation of fans are going to EDM shows where a similar sentiment is expressed in a different way,” the music and talent programmer told the New Jersey Star Ledger. “The music embraces this spirit of energy and inclusiveness,” he added.  (New Jersey Star Ledger: )

Live Nation executive Ben Weeden, whose company took over New Jersey punk/ rock festival Bamboozle some years ago, and booked Skrillex to headline the event’s Friday night line up, disagreed, however.

“Electronic dance music is huge, there is no doubt about it,” he told the New York Times, “ “I just look at it as another tributary into this big river of music. I don’t find that it’s taking away from anything. The other genres out there are as strong as ever.” ( )

Sounding a currently rare note of dissent, though, former Epic A&R/ Christina Aguilera and Lily Allen songwriter turned uber-hip electro-disco star Santigold, suggested the rise of the formulaic pop-dance dominating America’s nascent rave scene, has created a ‘dismal landscape for music’.

“I really don’t like that music, that sort of Euro-dance music, Ibiza-style,” she told the Denver Post, “I’ve never liked it, even when it was kind of new and underground.” ( )

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