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Dancetrippin’s Ibiza Adventure Aid (interview)

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on May 24, 2012

Dance music web/ TV company Dancetrippin have launched a new service for tourists in Ibiza which offers customers vouchers including one providing a ‘second free bottle of champagne at a world class restaurant’ and another allowing ‘a second person for free to a yoga session’.

Chatting about IBZ GEMS, Dancetrippin MD Tim Metz said they aim to direct people to the island’s secret corners and hidden hotspots as well as connect further with their Dancetrippin followers.

“The inspiration for IBZ GEMS, was two fold,” said Tim.

“On the one hand we realized we had a lot of Ibiza-related traffic as well as brand awareness on the island that we wanted to do something with. At the same time most of us DanceTrippers noticed a similar pattern, which is that even though we're all Ibiza veterans by now, we still end up mainly going to the clubs, beaches and restaurants we already know. Even though there is a will to explore and do new stuff, when you get there it just doesn't happen somehow.

We wanted to combine those two aspects and create something that we can kick-start from our core fan base, providing them with a "guiding" function as opposed to just discounts. But at the same time it’s not so high-end as the concierge services already on Ibiza.”

Skrufff (Jonty Skrufff): IBZ GEMS seems a million miles away from dancetrippin': where’s the synergy? 

Dancetrippin (Tim Metz): “The synergy for us is that throughout DanceTrippin's history, there's always been a strong connection with Ibiza and we try to address a need that we've noticed over the years. But more importantly, it's also an experiment for us to see if we can create something more out of the traffic and viewers we have. 

A large part of your efforts and costs in launching any new project or brand is the marketing and PR that is necessary to start generating traffic and a fan base. This is something we already have, so it makes it much easier to try out something new and see where we can take it, as we don't have to spend on advertising and things like that to get the word out.”

Skrufff: How do you address the concern that you will ruin all the secret Ibiza spots by letting all your customers know where they are?

Dancetrippin (Tim Metz): “We have a very strict policy whom we sell to. And only cool people visit our site anyway (laughing) . . . But seriously, I know that you mean, it's a bit like the Lonely Planet effect. But then again: things always going in and out of fashion and we will keep changing the offering every month or season (depending on how well it goes). So we might speed up the rise of something but then I'm sure other hidden gems will also pop up. And last but not least: if we don't do it someone else will, so then I rather have us do this.”

Skrufff: What's your assessment of the overall nightlife scene right now generally: how much is the rise of EDM changing the game?

Dancetrippin (Tim Metz): “If you're more from the old skool perspective (which I myself am), I think a good DJ is someone who is basically "serving the people" by really playing what is fitting at that moment and venue. I don't mean he or she should take requests, but he should ‘educate’ (I hate the word) a little with some surprising tracks you didn't know, some ‘hits’ played exactly at the right moment, make sure he doesn't play the same tracks as DJ's before him, etc. When you combine that off with interesting and diverse people on the dance floor, you have a good party, regardless of whether the DJ is famous or totally unknown.

With the current rise of EDM, something else is happening: the DJ is not necessarily a DJ in the traditional sense of the word, but more a producer who comes to showcase his work. This because he has (mainstream) hits and the people who are coming to see him (or her) are coming to hear him play / perform his hits live, just as people expect that when they go to a concert of Lenny Kravitz or Madonna. So this is the opposite of playing what fits at that moment, surprising tracks and building the night.

Instead of saying one or the other is better, I think we should accept that things evolve and change and as long as you're aware of what type of performance / party you're interested in, I'm sure you will know which nights and artists to go to and which ones to avoid and everyone can still have a good time.”

Skrufff: How does that affect the Dancetrippin vision? 

Dancetrippin (Tim Metz): “Well the original vision was to capture in audio and video what was really happening at a party and approach it how you would approach recording a live concert (and remember that 10 years ago, there was really nobody else doing that, it was just party pics and silly reports). So basically "honoring" the music and what the DJ is doing by recording that live.

Of course this is what we're still doing, but the irony is that we're also contributing to the whole superstar DJ phenomena as our videos are really built around a specific DJ.

So some people could criticize us for becoming too mainstream and promoting the superstar DJ thing, but I'm confident that in the next 6 - 12 months as we get more resources and funds available, we'll prove that we're still very committed to promoting new talent and launching projects and initiatives that are not necessarily mainstream or even profitable.”

Skrufff: Anything else to add?

Dancetrippin (Tim Metz): “IBZ GEMS was actually only one of the projects we launched last week. We put online a new website, we've launched our TV channel in Africa last weekend (so it's now 24/7 available in most of Africa) and we're launching on the 1st of June on UPC Netherlands with a specific Dutch version of the channel, which is one of the two big platforms there. 

Last but not least, we've initiated a weekly dance cartoon, that highlights some news or "hot topic" in the scene every Friday. A bit like The Economist does that for politics every week, we will do that for the dance scene. So lots going on, you don't have to worry that we get bored.”

Skrufff: One more last question; how can you avoid taking your eye off the ball with dancetrippin?

Dancetrippin (Tim Metz): “Ermmm, I think as a company and for me personally, that's one of our main strengths and weaknesses at the same time: we can't help but pursue interesting ideas when we get them, so sometimes we take on a few too many things all at once. But in a way IBZ GEMS also fits into the larger long-term vision we have for DanceTrippin, although I can't tell you what that is, because then I would have to kill you.” 

Jonty Skrufff: