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Tiesto’s Jesus Christ Pose Confession

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on June 8, 2012

EDM pop idol Tiesto has revealed he’d be delighted to be a judge on Simon Cowell’s upcoming Superstar DJ talent show, though inadvertently revealed that miming is often a prerequisite for DJs appearing on TV.

“If we could find a way to make it work, it will be a really cool show. Most of the time – at the Grammys for example – a DJ will perform with just their hands in the air because they can’t do anything,” he told

“That makes it a little awkward, I think,” he suggested (Digital Spy: ) (The Grammys 2012- Youtube- ).

His candid assessment struck a chord with the views of underground house star Danny Howells, who chatting to Skrufff in March about the Cowell show was much more ambivalent.

“Looking at it positively, ABBA rose to prominence after being in a talent show (Eurovision Song Contest), so you can’t dismiss the possibility of someone talented coming out of this. But I really don’t think they’ll be looking to find a new David Mancuso or Larry Levan,” Danny predicted.

“They’ll be looking for someone who looks good being papped (photographed) on a jet-ski, who can tell an engineer which Electro Sample pack to use, and who knows how to raise his arms into a Jesus Christ pose.”

Upcoming Leftroom/ Crosstown Rebels star Gavin Herlihy was even franker in an interview with Skrufff last month.

“I love music and I love sharing my love of music with other people so I don’t hold back from having a craic (party) behind the decks,” said Gavin.

“That said, I also firmly advocate throwing bottles of piss at anyone who pulls of the Jesus pose behind the decks,” he joked.

Pioneering 90s superstar DJ Sasha also discussed the art of dancing behind the decks in an interview with Skrufff four years, declaring “I can jump up and down behind the decks but that’s not very convincing really.”

“I don’t think you do need to jump up and down and put your hands in the air type of thing, people can tell if you’re having a good time in the DJ both, if you have a smile on your face or not. You try and forge a connection with the crowd,” the still hugely popular and critically respected DJ continued.

“Some DJs resort to theatrics, I don’t really do that unless I’ve had too much to drink,” said Sasha. (Tiesto @ Sensation White) (Sasha live at Love Parade, 2002) (Danny Howells, live in Tallinn, 2009) (Gavin Herlihy @ Cadenza)

Jonty Skrufff: