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Top Doc Says Pure MDMA is ‘Safe’

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on June 14, 2012

British Columbia’s ‘top health official’ Dr. Perry Kendall called for MDMA to be legalised and sold to adults via licensed shops this week, and dismissed repeated police warnings of the dangers of the drug.

Instead he said health risks, including death, are almost always linked to ‘poison pills’ when tablets are adulterated by criminals passing off substances such as PMA as MDMA.

"We accept the fact that alcohol, which is inherently dangerous, is a product over a certain age that anybody can access,” Dr Kendall told the Canadian Press Agency.

"So I don't think the issue is a technical one of how we would manage that. The issue is a political, perceptual one,” he said (CBC: )

The Canadian drug expert’s comments appeared days after the Daily Telegraph suggested there’s been a ‘shift in mood and politicians are no longer afraid to debate decriminalisation’ in a lengthy feature.

Speaking to the British newspaper, crime expert and author Misha Glenny also called for ‘a regulated system in which all drugs are supplied safely’ and noted how continuing prohibition and the black market have also increased the dangers posed by ever-stronger strains of cannabis.

“If the state decides not to regulate the THC levels of the drugs being sold, then what do you expect? A good comparison here is with alcohol,” said Glenny.

“You will be hard pushed to find alcohol above a certain percentage in the UK because it is regulated by the state. That works well,” he pointed out. ( ) (Misha Glenny investigates global crime networks) (The Shamen- Ebeneezer Goode- video)

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