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5 Minutes With Coat Of Arms

Reported by Sam TID on June 15, 2012

Coat Of Arms is a musical duo comprising of Birmingham / Bristol steel & brawn. These guys have a mutual love of big bass, melodic chords and slick beats which created a soundclash with more fight than the Battle Of Hastings! Weaving their varying styles together has seen their sound become one of masterful proportions and looks set to take them into unknown realms of possibility.

TID managed to get five minutes with the guys ahead of their gig at Solteks 2nd birthday, on Saturday 30th June, at Camp Basement in London, here's what the guys had to say....

So Coat Of Arms is made up of Eats Everything and Chris James, can you tell us a little bit about this project?

It’s a project that came about due to us having a very similar taste in music. We met in Birmingham, chatted, had a rendezvous in Bristol, made a couple of records, deliberated over a couple of stupid alias names and coat of arms was born 

What have you guys been up to as of late, do you have anything in the pipeline that we should know about?

Well due to both our solo careers it’s hard for us to get together and make stuff as coat of arms. We are both playing alot under our solo names and still releasing with Dan recently releasing a 2nd EP on Pets Recordings & Chris has a remix out soon on Get Physical and an EP due out on Gruuv.

Both of your productions under your individual identities are brilliant. What made you join forces to produce this awesome Bumping House?

Dan sent some music to me a while ago that was on more of a jacking tip for my label DubNoir, which interested me, but I wanted something housier. Then Dan was playing at the venue where I was a resident in Birmingham, we got chatting and arranged some dates to work together.

How do you guys work in the studio? Do you work on beats together or does one of you start something then you pass ideas between yourselves?

No with Coat Of Arms its always start from scratch if we are in the studio together. If not we have flown bits back and forth before and finished things that way.

What are both your favourite pieces of studio equipment and who’s the dominant male in the studio?

Haha, were both alpha males, but as we were in dans studio mostly i'll let him have the glory on this one. Favourite pieces of equipment would be telling, but we don’t get anything done without a smoothie, herbal tea and dans cats in the room.

Your productions have similar characteristics, where do you both get your inspiration from? 

We like music that pushes the boundaries to an extent, but doesn’t go to mental. Bass is the main component, but placed in a house environment. We both love Justin Martin, Claude Von Stroke, Catz N Dogz, so these guys have been an inspiration for both of us.

‘Is This Something’ is a huge tune and the vocal is nothing like I’ve heard before. Where did this idea come from?

Its just one of them things, you come across a vocal, have a play with it and the rest works around it

So we’re really excited about seeing Coat Of Arms playing at Soltek’s 2nd Birthday, on the 30th June at Camp Basement. What can we expect to hear from you guys?

House with emotion, big bass, and mostly it will be fun.

Ibiza and the festival season are upon us. I imagine you have a busy summer ahead, where can we find you and what are your festival essentials?

Dan is over in Ibiza and playing various festivals and chris has dates in Europe and the uk. 

Festival essentials: a great tent, suncream, beer or guiness (dan) and cross dressing (dan)

What else can we look forward to from Coat Of Arms in 2012?

We still have some unreleased tracks that are being courted, hopefully we can get them out around our solo records and eps.

Thanks to Chris and Dan, you can catch them both playing at Solteks 2nd Birthday, on Saturday 30th June at Camp Basement, in London.

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