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Sankeys Ibiza- Pot Noodles & the 2nd Coming (interview)

Reported by JontySkrufff on June 21, 2012

Chatting to Balearic site Ibiza-spotlight last month about struggling to launch his club Sankeys in Ibiza last year, club promoter David Vincent spoke of being so broke he was living on Pot Noodles, though in the same interview predicted this year’s season will be the ‘second coming’ with Sankeys Ibiza ‘reborn’.

Four weeks on (chatting to Skrufff), he stands by his words though stresses he was joking about the Pot Noodles . . .


Jonty Skrufff: How did you set about deciding the new vision for the club second time round?  What are the key elements that matter the most?

Sankeys Ibiza (David Vincent): “There were lots of moments during our first year when we made every mistake possible, but thankfully there was enough time to analyse them and make sure we never made those same mistakes again. Sankeys 2012 will be one hundred times better than last year. This year we’ve added in a lot of artistic elements like getting Spanish photo-realism artist Belin in to complete work throughout the club. We’ve also added a 3D mapping system in the box – I believe we’re the first club to do this. 

We’re also currently installing more air-conditioning. Last year was really rushed and raw, and even though a lot of people loved what we did, deep down I wasn’t proud of it. This time around we’ve had more time to programme our line-ups and we’ve got some great additions to the family with the likes of VIVa Warriors and Diynamic Neon Nights that everyone seems really excited about. This year really fits with the vision of what I have for Sankeys, so that’s why I see us as being ‘reborn’.”

Skrufff: I was at the IMS music conference in Ibiza recently and all the top dog island promoters very much presented a business as usual approach to this season: as an outsider what’s your take on the island: how genuinely recession proof is it? 

Sankeys Ibiza (David Vincent): “Firstly I don’t see myself as an outsider as I have worked on the island since 1996/’97 and have many amazing friends at Pacha that I have regard as my second family for years. In terms of the recession, I believe Ibiza is above all of it at the end of the day. While there will be many people who don’t or are unable to visit the island anymore, there will always be enough who do, even if the demographics of the island may change over the years. Just look at them building a new airport – it says it all. So I think Ibiza is pretty recession proof – it’s a bubble.”

Skrufff: Sam Dean from Plan Be chatted about his new club to the Independent several weeks ago and said ‘Ibiza could be seen as a difficult place to do something like this because of the competition, but, that would be completely overlooking the massive captive audience that this island has. In fact you could argue that Ibiza is one of the easiest places in the world to throw parties’: would you argue with him?

Sankeys Ibiza (David Vincent): “He’s right and wrong. Last year it was the hardest place for me to promote ever because we got everything wrong and we were empty half of the season. That was the problem we caused ourselves because we rushed it and didn’t do much promotion.  At the same time, while there’s no doubt that Ibiza is the most competitive place in the world for running clubs, if you position your club, which we can do, and get things right, it could be the easiest place in the world because of the captive audience . . . so there’s a balance.”

Skrufff: He also mentioned them deliberately not having a VIP section to avoid divisiveness between clubbers: what’s Sankeys stance towards VIPs and bottle service?

Sankeys Ibiza (David Vincent): “I have not got any real major issues with it as long as it’s not in people’s faces. If older or certain people want to sit down and have a drink then why not? When clubbers who have been in clubs and dancing for years want to go and sit down because they can’t dance as much as they used to and want to hire an area because they want to sit down with their friends for their birthday or whatever – and maybe they’re in their 40s, 50s or 60s - then why not? 

Because without it all you’re doing is making your nightclub suitable for a certain demographic and alienating the people who have supported you many years before . . .”

Skrufff: You talked of living on Pot Noodles at one point last year to Ibiza-Spotlight: how easy was it to mix and mingle with all the super-rich people on the island when you were so broke? (how easy to avoid buying rounds/ paying for taxis etc.)

Sankeys Ibiza (David Vincent): “I did not eat Pot Noodles, that was a joke to emphasise how skint I was! Anyway, I don’t mix with super rich people; it’s not my culture. I was bought up on a council estate in East London, so they have never been my people. It didn’t really matter in any case; when I was super broke, I didn’t go out anywhere, so I was never in those situations where I had to avoid buying rounds or paying for taxis. The only place I went to was Sankeys anyway. Besides, I would never start poncing off people; if you don’t have it, don’t try and flaunt it.”

Skrufff: What was the closest you came to packing it all in and giving up? 

Sankeys Ibiza (David Vincent): “Every day in Ibiza till September! Every day it went through my head until the three final closing parties with Fuse, Monza (and Ricardo Villalobos’ amazing set!) and the magnificent Steve Lawler closing party. That’s when I realised that it’s not worth giving up on and that people actually adore the club and we could create something special.”

Skrufff: You’ve stayed away from the ‘EDM’ names who are currently most popular- how much was it an option to book an EDM (pop) star and pack in the EDM punters?

Sankeys Ibiza (David Vincent): “That was never an option because we are too small for that. We’re always looking for that next star though. If you look at Sankeys’ history – most DJs around the world, one of the first places they ever played was Sankeys; whether it be the Chemical Brothers, or Daft Punk or David Guetta or Laidback Luke . . .so we’ll carry on in that sense and create future stars. 

But inevitably when they get that big there are much bigger options for them of where to play that are three or four times the size of us, so there is no reason for them to play for us unless they want to return to the more ‘homely’ DJ-friendly type of environment. So it was never really an option for us and besides it’s not really our style; our style is about pushing things forward.”

Sankeys Ibiza's Saturday night Carnival opens on Saturday June 30th. (DIYNAMIC NEON NIGHT @ SANKEYS IBIZA)

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