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Guy Called Gerald Turns on Deadmau5

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on June 29, 2012

Major label pop star Deadmau5 branded all DJs and ‘live’ EDM performers – including himself- fakes this week, in his latest publicity-seeking troll-style tirade. 

“I think given about 1 hour of instruction, anyone with minimal knowledge of ableton and music tech in general could DO what im doing at a deadmau5 concert,” Deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) admitted.

“We all hit play. its no secret”, he wrote (via Tumbler) (sic)  

Acid house pioneer A Guy Called Gerald responded furiously (also via tumblr) in a post labeled ‘Message to Rat Head’.

“I know who you are. You are some record company or failed journalist asshole left over from the last century who is jealous of the way electronic music is working in this brave fast new century,” said Gerald.

“You come into our system that we have nurtured for the last 25 years, trick hardworking people into giving you their money, con honest promoters, take large sums of money out of the system and then spit back into our faces that YOU are tricking everyone. I agree there are loads of people like you who do fake it. It is easy with the software you are using. Don’t worry we are going to find ways of stopping you. You greedy rat head fuck,” he vowed.

Deadmau5 also dismissed DJs specifically in his latest rant, boasting ‘Ableton syncs the shit up for me… so no beatmatching skill required.

“beatmatching” isnt even a fucking skill as far as im concered anyway. so what, you can count to 4. cool. i had that skill down when i was 3, so dont give me that argument please,” he sneered.

British techno legend Mr C was as furious as Gerald.

“Deadmau5 is a complete & utter wanker (now there's a surprise). So yes, he can count up to 4, but that doesn't mean the c**t can mix,” he stormed (via facebook net: )

“Also, mixing isn't about counting to 4, it's about selecting the right record at the right time to CAPTURE THE MOMENT in creating extended long DJ mixes (beat matching) that make the tunes sound like live remixes. 

FYI Deadmau5, there's a magic that happens when 2 tunes are mixed properly together by a real DJ, & I don't mean by a software program as in truth, when a DJ sync's the bpm & tracks, the mixes aren't that tight & the magic doesn't really happen, that magic only comes when it's correct. Now you run along & carry on button pushing to play your cheesy pre organized shit to children in fluffy boots & stop bothering us adults all with your uninformed opinions & lies. F**K YOU IN EVERY ORIFICE,” Mr C concluded.

Australian EDM star DJ Goodwill also entered the ‘fake DJ’ EDM debate this week dismissing Deadmau5 for being a hypocrite in mocking Paris Hilton’s Sao Paulo DJ debut.

“He criticises and rants to achieve hype and PR. He is really clever at it. He is manipulating the spotlight on Paris Hilton to his own advantage,” said Goodwill. “Just as I am by writing this rant. Thanks for reading,” he added. A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray (Mr C on Top of the Pops doing Ebeneezer Goode, 1992)

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