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Calvin Harris’ Six Figure Sum

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on July 12, 2012

LA billionaire Alec Gores reportedly paid Calvin Harris ‘around £320,000’ (€404,000) to play a DJ set at his July 3 Malibu mansion party last weekend.

Harris performed alongside mermaids and Uncle Sam stilt walkers at the venture capitalist’s latest annual bash, before flying to Magaluf via luxury private jet for a gig at Magaluf.

The Acceptable in the 80s singer also reportedly partied with England soccer player Steven Gerard in Vegas last week, who also turned up in the Balearics on Monday partying alongside fellow football stars and tourists.

'Steven was with a big group of lads on the Moet bed, every girl there was trying to get on his table but they weren't having any of it, the minders told everyone to go away,” an Ibiza paparazzo told the Daily Mail.

“Mario Balotelli, however, had the main table by the dance floor and was surrounded by women! He was happy mooching up and down the beach and posing for pics with us all,” he added. (

The lifestyles of the rich and famous stars contrasted markedly with a report in the Brisbane Times this week which described an ‘invasion’ of impoverished unemployed Spanish people of Ibiza this season, competing for the same pool of summer jobs.

"Perhaps they think there is more of a job market here, but there isn't," San Antonio hotelier Juanjo Planells told the newspaper, "It's spectacular: in one week we received 500 CVs in our business.”

The newspaper also noted that visitor numbers are down for 2012 compared to last year, while local unions are hoping to mobilise strikes of up to 100,000 ‘drivers, cleaners, waiters and others’. (Brisbane Times: (Calvin Harris @ Amnesia, 2011)

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