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Indian Rave Cops Target DJs

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on July 12, 2012

Two Indian DJs who were performing at a Juhu VIP party raided by the police had bail applications refused this week after cops demanded their detention ‘to ascertain their role in ‘the conspiracy’ to organise the party.’ (DNAIndia;

Demanding Rakesh Sharma aka Romeo and Deepesh Sharma from Designer Hippies be held, prosecutors said their occupation as DJs means they are prime suspects. 

“In a rave party, music plays an important role,” they told a special court. “And the music entices to consume drugs,” they suggested (Business-Standard:

All 92 revellers attending the exclusive event were drug-tested before leaving and police have since claimed 42 of the first 44 results tested positive. The raid was the latest incident in what appears to be an escalating campaign by Indian authorities against EDM with the ‘rave’ in particular increasingly demonized.

“The term is used loosely,” Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma admitted in an interview with the Deccan Chronicle, “If people are using drugs in a party and are high, we call it a rave,” he explained. 

Meanwhile in Goa, 5 star hotel chief Chander Balje from Royal Orchid Hotels called for the state to try and attract more ‘quality, high-end tourists’ as well as upgrading their anti-drug efforts.

“In Thailand, they have big boards which declare that anyone caught with drugs will be awarded the death penalty,” he told an audience at an investment conference in Panaji. 

“Imagine the difference it would make if we had sniffer dogs (and other such deterrents) here," he said. (Times of India;

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