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Skrufff Bites

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on July 17, 2012

I think that the ‘superstars’ work equally as hard if not harder than the underground. I just think that the underground get upset because they see the overground diluting what to them is a precious thing just as a way to make money.” (Independent:

Dave Seaman sympathizes with superstar DJs.


“Need one shot, will take 30 minutes. All three actors will have cake thrown at them. a middle-aged man (ages 35-50) a middle-aged woman (ages 35-50)  a boy-child (age 5-8 years old).” (Craigslist:

A ‘world-famous superstar DJ’ (Steve Aoki?) takes to Craiglist to hire extras for his new video.


“Don't forget to protest about GEMA!!  “  (Twitter)

Chris Liebing and Christian Smith join the fight against German publishing organization GEMA.


This is about the survival of club culture - of a whole scene that I'm just a small part of. Many artists would be destroyed by the tariff increase, the basis on which they can earn their livelihood.” (

As Sven Vath warns that GEMA’s 1500% fee increases will force him to shut his club Cocoon (alongside Berlin’s Berghain, Watergate and scores more).


"We suggest drug users think very carefully about the consequence of taking ketamine. No one wants to end up with a urine bag.” (;

Dr Andrew O'Shaughnessy, Consultant in Public Health for Airedale, Bradford and Leeds Primary Care Trust warns of growing numbers of ketamine users needing to have their bladders surgically removed.


"I express myself through my music and what I wear. Most days you can find me in jeans and a flannel shirt, so to me, Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren fits my lifestyle and aesthetic.” (Billboard: Artinfo;

Avicii insists he really does love his new fashion endorsement licensee Ralph Lauren.


“In a consumer society, is it surprising that lusting after high-status goods is seen as a way to find meaning?” (The Sun:

As The Rt Revd Peter Price, Bishop of Bath and Wells empathises with British rioters, suggesting they took to England’s streets last summer as  a ‘release’ from their grinding poverty.


“We are closing because we can't make it add up any more. We are a business that has been decimated by downloads (both legal and illegal), VAT avoidance by the big online retailers, a double dip recession, & the decline of the high street. Our lease has ended and we have nowhere to go.”

Brighton’s legendary Rounders record shop announces they’re closing down after 46 years.


"We were on the dance floor when we heard a big bang and there was a great stampede. At first I thought it was a firecracker. I went to the entrance to see what was happening and I saw a person lying on the floor in a pool of blood.” (France24:

French clubber ‘Jeremy’ recalling the moment a gunman fired an AK-47 into a packed club killing two revellers, in a revenge attack after he was booted out of the Lille club.


Sorry to everyone who came out to BLOC Festival last night and had to go home without hearing their favourite artists :( We were pad-locked into the backstage compound and weren't allowed to play or even leave until 3am! Crazy organization and a sad situation! Hope everyone got home safely.” (Facebook)

Richie Hawtin commiserates with fans at Bloc.

Jonty Skrufff: