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Guest Reviewer: Hostage

Reported by Sam TID on July 31, 2012

Hostage is the undisputed Scottish heavyweight of bass heavy rave bangers! He's been in the scene for over a decade now and his gritty beats know no boundaries as they cover a huge spectrum of musical styles that continually cause destruction on the dancefloor.

TID managed to lock him down in the guest reviewer hot seat ahead of his gig at Cable this Saturday the 4th of August to find out more about the production powerhouse that is Hostage....

Firstly thank you for taking the time out to speak with us. Could you tell the readers where you are in the world and what you’ve been up to for the last 7 days?

No probs! I’m near Edinburgh, the sky is murky and the rain is severe but the smell of Spaghetti Bolognese fills the air so I‘m happy. For the last 7 days I’ve been pretty much carrying out my regular modus operandi of remixing, partying, relaxing and creating awesome snacks!

We love all your gritty beats but don’t know much about Hostage and his history. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your influences and heritage in the scene?

I started Djing and releasing music as Hostage in 1999 and never stopped. My influences are disco, hip-hop, acid house, hardcore, jungle, gabber, techno, electro, deep house, …and then it all gets a bit confused, names for different speeds and timings of 808 kick drums come and go anyway…The tracks I’ve produced over the years have always been non-genre specific and blurred but with a desire to cause a bit of a stir on the dance floor. 

Your productions are mental! The only way we can think to describe them is as ‘bass heavy rave bangers’ if that doesn’t offend you!? They seem to disregard any genre barriers so we’re fascinated to hear how you create new tracks in the studio? Have you thrown away the rulebook…?

I think that’s a perfect description. It’s very easy and cheesy for producers to say they like all genres and they throw them into some sort of melting pot and rave alchemy occurs, however if I was being easy and cheesy, and I am, then I’d say that too. When creating new tracks I normally have some musical obsession/itch - it could be something from the past, or a recent experience on a dance-floor somewhere which has kindled a spark in my mind which ignites my insatiable desire to write, and during this process I normally end up crossing some creative ocean I didn’t intend to, but if the destination is pleasing to me, then it’s a keeper…however many times I drown at sea. Sometimes I might be in the mood to create something totally new and alien to me, to try and confuse and freak myself out a bit.

The synths and basslines that dominate your tracks are unbelievably crazy, what do use to produce these alien sounds?

My secret blend of 7 herbs and spices mixed with some electricity and witchcraft.

You’re from Scotland but your DJ and production skills have taken you worldwide. How does the rave scene in Scotland compare to that of the rest of the world and where should we go to find some bass when we’re in your town?

The scene in Scotland is great. Scotland is small but perfectly formed, and there is something for everyone. When in Edinburgh it’s got to be ‘Sneaky Petes’ - 150 capacity jager-fuelled-good-vibes-sweatbox.

We’re all very excited about your set at Stanton Session at Cable on Saturday the 4th of August. What have you got in store for us, any surprises?

I’m excited too: I’ll preview some of my new tracks, some of my recent deeper stuff, good times house vibes, building up to some of my face-melting material.

The line up includes the Stanton Warriors, MJ Cole, Brackles and Wookie. This is a killer showcase of the current Bass scene in the UK that seems to be in very rude health right now. What’s your opinion on the scene and with such fast pace what do you think will be happening this time next year?

There’s a lot of music around at the moment, more than I’ve ever experienced, and it’s all so easy to listen to: some is beyond magnificent, some is utter bilge, but I always seem to find something which tickles my trout so I’m happy. I like the fact that things move at a fast pace, keep up! Keeping up is fun. I don’t think anyone can predict what’ll be happening this time next year, if there is even a next year.

You’re part of the Black Butter Records crew who are absolutely smashing it. What have been your best moments rolling with the crew so far and have you got any good stories from the team you can share with us? We heard Glade was a crazy one!?

The Black Butter Records crew are such enthusiasts. The energy created when we’re all together is quite something: there’s been some pretty special parties in London, and what goes on at Glade, stays at Glade! Yeah, it was nuts fun! 

You released your ‘Creep EP’ back in June this year, what else have you got on the horizon, anything we should be looking out for?

My next EP is called ‘Traffic EP’ and is out in September on Black Butter. Stylistically skitzo beats and bass for mind and feet; From deep to dumb!

Finally we all know you DJs like to party hard and being Scottish we can imagine you don’t mess about, so what’s your hooch of choice and will we be seeing you let your hair down with the Stantons next weekend?

Mine’s a deep fried can of special brew injected directly into my eyeballs. Not really. I enjoy most cold fizzy things, I’ll be letting my hair down to the ground. 

Sadly that is all we have time for. A big thank you to Hostage for taking the time out to speak with us. Check out their track recommendations below.

Get you tickets to see Hostage tearing up the dancefloor at Cable for Stanton Sessions this Saturday the 4th of August here!

Hostage's Track Recommendations

Label: Freshmore
Genre: Dubstep
Release Date: 2012-06-18
MP3 320kbs$ 1.78
WAV$ 2.12

Demented bouncy 808 kicks with hip-hop flips and juke tricks.

Such a high grade bassline on this one. Makes me move my elbows like a crab.

Hands in the air top notch rave business.

Everyone else likes flo jam. I like this one, sounds classic!

Quality blippy bloppy dotty riffy mindmelter.

Label: No Brainer Records
Genre: Techno
Release Date: 2012-02-24
MP3 320kbs$ 1.78
WAV$ 2.12

DJs Supporting: 1

What the hell is the timing on that bass drop? Who cares - it's ace!

Brave and musical, a twisted audio adventure you can certainly shimmy about to!

Remixer: Justin Martin
Label: dirtybird (IG)
Genre: Techno
Release Date: 2012-05-22
MP3 320kbs$ 1.78
WAV$ 2.12

From such beauty emerges such a growler. Was a big track for me this summer.

Label: Ministry of Sound UK
Genre: Drum and Bass (Jungle, Old Skool)
Release Date: 2011-12-22
MP3 320kbs$ 1.78
WAV$ 2.12

If all else fails drop this. Guaranteed heads coming right off!

This was on my last ep. It should have probably been the Tunnels EP as this was the stand out track.

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